G2 Esports defeat Fnatic in fastest game in LEC history
via: youtube.com (LoL Esports VODs and Highlights)

The European League of Legends Championship Series, also known as the LEC, began on Jan. 18 and ends on April 1. The LEC is the professional esports league in Europe run by Riot Games, the developers behind “League of Legends.” Thus far, the LEC has been an engaging and diverting tournament, as so many teams have gathered to compete and progress to the League of Legends World Championship.

One team, in particular, has made a name for themselves during this year’s LEC. G2 Esports has been dominating the “League of Legends” competitive scene, and they made this blatantly obvious during their Week 4 match with Fnatic. Fnatic had not been doing too well during this 2019 season, so expectations ran against them.

However, the extent of Fnatic’s rout at the hands of G2 Esports was unprecedented. G2’s win took less than 21 minutes. It is officially the fastest game in LEC history.

G2’s domination of the map was clear from the get-go. They maintained that control for the entirety of the match, never letting Fnatic gain a foothold. G2 earned first blood in the bot lane and then focused their attention on securing the first Dragon of the game. After obtaining a second Dragon, G2 was able to destroy the first Tower and demolish Fnatic’s team. The result of the match became a foregone conclusion at that point.

G2 Esports is undefeated as of this writing in the LEC. During Week 5, they will go up against Misfits on Feb. 15. Fnatic will have to claw their way to redemption during their Week 5 match against Splyce.