Geddy Lee talks massive bass collection in 'Big Beautiful Book of Bass'

Rush bassist Geddy Lee loves to collect and despite being the bassist for the band, the bass guitar wasn't an interest to collect until recent years. His collection has expanded exponentially and in the new book, "Big Beautiful Book of Base," he's show off his instruments while also turning the coffee table book into a source of reference.

"I got caught by the bug and I started falling down the rabbit hole," the bassist tells Billboard of his bass collection. "I realized there wasn't a definitive book about the bass guitar. I felt the bass guitar was not only under-represented in terms of books but the beauty of some of these instruments," Lee continued about his new works released on Dec. 18.

That realization led to a 408-page project that highlights the history of his collection from popular models to gems that he discovers to add to the list. "Big Beautiful Book of Base" justifies his obsession with the collection but also serves to help those who are looking at and for specific guitars.

Also in the new book, Lee will be promoting are interviews with bassists from many heaving hitting bands such as Adam Clayton of U2 and now-retired Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones. The chance to speak with these bassists became thrilling for Lee not only to recount stories but to also share the interest at a time in music when older bands don't need any opening acts on tour.

"Big Beautiful Book of Base" is available via print and digital.

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