George Michael's death still hits too close to home

Living in a world without George Michael is still surreal.

It’s been 74 days since Michael passed away in his London home of natural causes, and his lost is still one that hits too close to home in the music world. You can easily compare the death of George to that of John Lennon. Just as Lennon’s death stunned the world, so too has Michael's death been a shock to the senses.

Without a doubt, the former leader of Wham! was a true treasure to music. Sure, he got into this share of trouble with the law, but when it came to the music, there were few that could touch his warmth, compassion, and feeling for the lyrics that he pinned.

What makes his death still hard to fathom is the fact that, in the genre that he dominated for so many years, that warmth and beauty is somewhat missing. Yes, the heartfelt love song is still one of value (and hits), but it isn’t done with quite the regularity as it previously was, nor is there any artist out there today that can duplicate what George had.

Name an artist that can tailor the composition of such a beautiful ballad as “I Can’t Make You Love?” Or, give off a soul-crushing vibe of a mother losing her son in war on “Mother’s Pride?” Many have tried to duplicate “Careless Whisper,” but the end result simply doesn’t hit on the same sentimental level as the original.

You get the idea.

There are some artists whose music just cannot be re-created. Lennon is in the class. So is Prince. And Michael deserves to be in that class too. His music was from the heart, songs that we could put on to heal our hearts and warm us with love. Michael’s music was truly powerful, and it saddens many that we may not hear another talent like Michael.

Yes, we have some great singers today that can reach into the depths of our souls, but not in the same way that George Michael could; and that’s why his death still hits too close to home.