Get in the Halloween spirit with Melanie Martinez’s spookiest videos

Don’t let her cutesy attire, angelic voice and bright eyes fool you, Melanie Martinez has a dark side. She may have kicked off her career on The Voice, but what she has done since is nothing short of spooky. The crooner’s voice is a delightful mix of power and poise and it’s obvious that she also partakes in the macabre.

As Halloween is upon us, let’s get a little spooked out and take a look at Melanie’s four creepiest videos…so far.


Carnivals often evoke positive, albeit grimy imagery to most, but after American Horror Story’s “Freak Show” they have taken on a spooky vibe that really can’t be erased. Melanie Martinez’ video for “Carousel” plays with that same imagery, purposeful injected with a sinister element to evoke the right spirit.


I mean, dolls have a creep factor all their own, but in “Dollhouse” the dark premise and twisted visuals make for a video that could qualify as horrifying. It’s no surprise that this song was used in American Horror Story.


Although this video is simple in storyline, with the crooner in the bath, the way it’s filmed evokes that of a horror flick. With red filters, strange lighting, minimal makeup and erratic movements “Soap” still manages to be frightening without even trying.

“Cry Baby”

It’s not just the jerky motions that creep up “Cry Baby.” From the alcoholic mom, to the eerie bunny doctor, self-propelling toys to Melanie herself as a baby, this video takes the cake for chilling imagery.

Don’t miss Melanie Martinez live in LA at the Shrine, in Las Vegas at The Joint or at The Observatory in Santa Ana.