Gin Blossoms celebrate 25 years of 'New Miserable Experience' with historic performance in New York City
Video by Eric Holden

New Miserable Experience, the Gin Blossoms' multi-platinum major label debut, turns 25 this year. To celebrate the milestone, Robin Wilson and company performed the record in its entirety on Dec. 3 at Irving Plaza in New York City -- delivering all five of the hit singles that sizzled on the Billboard Hot 100 in the early '90s.

After opening with the Doug Hopkins-penned "Lost Horizons," the Gin Blossoms jumped right into their timeless sing-a-long classics. "Hey Jealousy," the second track on the album, also happened to be second on the set list. This was no coincidence.

Wilson told the crowd that the band would be playing the tracks of New Miserable Experience in order, making for an odd build-up to the encore. The Arizona-based quintet ripped through most of their biggest hits by the midway mark of the show, as some fans were still piling in to the venue. Wilson alluded to this fact, shutting down a heckler who was yelling for the band to play "Hey Jealousy" toward the end of the set. The singer told the man that they played the tune already, and that wouldn't be playing it again that night.

After coasting through the 12 songs from New Miserable Experience, the Gin Blossoms performed "Come On Hard" and "Long Time Gone," off 2006's Major Lodge Victory. There was also some time for covers, as Wilson performed an acoustic rendition of a Backstreet Boys hit. Tom Petty and Birds covers also highlighted the 95-minute set.

New York City's The Cringe, along with the Holy Tunics, opened the show with high-level performances. The Gin Blossoms' winter tour continues with a stop in North Carolina on Dec. 5.