Gloria Trevi, Thalía & Paulina Rubio lead Las Que Mandan concert in L.A.
Lucas Villa / YouTube

Mexican superstars Gloria Trevi, Thalía and Paulina Rubio headlined K-Love 107.5 FM's Las Que Mandan concert at the Forum in L.A on Nov. 17. Fellow divas that joined the female empowerment show included ranchera singer Paquita la del Barrio, balladeer Yuridia and reggaetonera Natti Natasha. Every woman on the line-up made sure to leave a lasting moment onstage.

Las Que Mandan roughly translates to the "Women They Send For" in English, meaning the ladies in high-demand. K-Love pulled together an impressive ensemble of the most famous female artists from Mexico (with the exception of the Dominican Republic's Natasha). The most interesting part of it was seeing former Timbiriche bandmates Thalía and Rubio on the same bill. The media has pitted the two against each other for decades, but in reality, both are cool and cordial with one another.

Thalía opened the concert by walking through the audience with a selfie stick in-hand singing her #ThaliaChallenge song "Me Oyen, Me Escuchan" (Can You Hear Me). She then ran through her hits like "Amor a La Mexicana" (Mexican-style Love). Acknowledging all the gay fans that these female artists brought to the show, Thalía was joined onstage by drag queens (including "RuPaul Drag Racer" Valentina) for a colorful performance of " ¿A quién le importa?" (Who Cares). While singing "Arrasando" (Taking Over), flags with the word mujer (woman) waved behind her. She finally debuted her Valiente single "No Me Acuerdo" (I Don't Remember) live with Natasha. The audio cut out halfway through, but Thalía soldiered on with Natti and finished the dance track a capella style.

Natasha and her DJ followed with her hits like "Criminal" and "Sin Pijama" (Without Pajamas). Rubio emerged afterword in a golden getup that was fitting for her industry nickname La Chica Dorada (The Golden Girl). She performed an abbreviated version of her set from last month's Arizona State Fair that included "Yo No Soy Esa Mujer" (I'm Not that Kind of Girl) and "Suave y Sutil" (Soft and Subtle) from her latest album Deseo. While shouting out the women and Latinos in the crowd, Paulina said, in the only English words spoken during the show, "Donald Trump, we like you." In Arizona, about the Mexican population she similarly said, "Donald Trump, we like you to like us." This time, her declaration was minus the latter statement and it drew some boos from the crowd. In a later interview, Rubio implied the Trump-ing was meant to be sarcastic.

Powerhouse singer Yuridia was next in line and she filled the venue with that big voice while belting her famous Spanish cover of Bon Jovi's "This Ain't a Love Song" and "Amigos No Por Favor" (Not Friends, Please), her most recent smash. The ladies that drew the loudest crowd response were the Mariachi Divas, an all-female mariachi band, and Paquita la del Barrio. With the crowd over halfway through the concert and having had time to enjoy a few beverages, Paquita's rancheras powered by the Divas were able to get people in their feelings, whether that meant fired up or tearing up. Considering the theme of the show, Paquita was the perfect choice as she continually called out the inútil (useless man) that inspired her songs like "Rata de dos Patas" (Rat with Two Feet).

Trevi had the honor of closing out the show and made quite the entrance in a bubble that was passed over the crowd and onto the stage. She put on a show that was both high-energy and emotional, especially when singing "Ellas Soy Yo" (I Am Them), her newest song about her past legal troubles in Mexico. Gloria really got the crowd moving to her 1991 hit "Pelo Suelto" (Hair Down) where she ripped out a piece of her weave and threw it to nearby fans. In return, a few weaves made their way from the crowd to Trevi. The most touching moment of the show was when she mentioned that over the years fans have sent her letters saying the song "Todos Me Miran" (Everyone Looks at Me) helped them come out to their families. Gloria allowed a whole chorus of gay men to sing it with her for the grand finale.

Las Que Mandan delivered an incredible concert of powerful women sending equally powerful messages. It was a celebration of Latino culture with an emphasis on the gay fans and girls who were in high attendance. ¡Vivan las divas! (Long live the divas!)