Grammy WTF? Paul McCartney turned away from Grammy after party

Sometimes being a Beatle isn’t enough. Last night Sir Paul McCartney was turned away from a Grammy after party at Argyle in Hollywood hosted by Tyga. Not only Paul, but last year’s Album of the Year Grammy winner Beck along with Foo Fighter drummer Taylor Hawkins—who were with Paul—were also turned away. Paul can be heard saying with classic Beatle wit, "How much more VIP do we have to get. We need another hit."

It also wasn’t just a fluke mistake; the entourage tried twice to get into the club and was turned back both times. No worries though, the three rock stars ended up at the Republic Records Party where they danced the night away.

TMZ caught Tyga and Grammy red carpet host Bow Wow leaving Argyle and got their reactions about the snub. Both were fairly surprised, with Tyga calling McCartney a legend and Bow Wow giving an incredulous response. Bow Wow did comment on the party at Argyle being a younger crowd. Maybe the door guy was 22 and didn’t know who Paul was? Paul is obviously famous enough for Kanye, who is obviously the most famous person in the world. Check out the WTF moment from Argyle above and see Tyga and Bow Wow’s reactions below.