Green Day brings liberation and rock to the Rose Bowl with the Revolution Radio Tour
Annie Liang/AXS Photographer

Green Day brought the Revolution Radio Tour to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. last night and absolutely blew fans away with their energy, sound and incredible presence. 

Billie Joe Armstrong was on point, as were the rest of the crew as they announced that the night was about "compassion and love" and just having a good time. Staying in that moment, Mr. Armstrong reminded the eager fans to forget Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. "Live in the moment, this moment...because life doesn't wait" he proclaimed to the cheers of the stadium. 

A good time, indeed, was had by all as fans surfed the crowd, were pulled up on stage to sing along and a few fans were even handed his guitar of the moment and encouraged to riff a bit while he sang. One lucky fan was even gifted the guitar after she leaped off the drum riser to end the song. 

With fireworks, flames and a repertoire of songs from their 30+ plus career, Green Day closed out this leg of their tour with style, vigor and a reminder of why they are one of the best rock bands of not just this age, but of rock history as a whole.