13 songs from Grimes' Visions LP will be re-worked as classical music and performed across Canada by Plumes Ensemble throughout March. 

13 songs from Grimes' Visions LP will be re-worked as classical music and performed across Canada by Plumes Ensemble throughout March. 


The music of Canadian recording artist and songwriter Grimes may be considered popular music, but the complexities within her experimental styles are anything but traditional pop. The music from her 2012 album, Visions, is about to get an even more wildly artistic interpretation, as each of the 13 tracks from the LP will reportedly be reworked by 13 classical composers for a concert series touring across Canada throughout March.

Titled “Many Visions: Plumes Deconstructs the Music of Grimes,” the collaborative project was put together by the Montreal-based group Plumes. Although the ensemble, who operate as an indie-pop band as well as a chamber group, will perform the pieces, the real magic will come from the 13 composers who will be reimagining and reconstructing the actual compositions. The full list of composers working on the project includes Carmen Vanderveken, Veronica Charnley, Isaiah Ceccarelli, Giorgio Magnanensi, Nicole Lizée, Marielle Groven, Jennifer Bachynsky, Emilie LeBel, Fjóla Evans, Tawnie Olson, Stephanie Moore, Eliot Britton and Monica Pearce.

One of the nine shows the project will be performing at will be at the Cluster Festival in Winnipeg, Manitoba on March 17. 

"In March 2015 Plumes came to Cluster and dazzled us with a pop-classical crossover concert, and it was impossible not to talk about future projects," Cluster co-director Luke Nickel said in a recent interview. "We wanted to see how we could bridge the gap between popular and classical music—we have a suspicion it’s smaller than people think. We want to think about interpretation and rearrangement, not only in terms of musical material but also in terms of the spirit of an artist. That led us to Grimes, whose DIY attitude seems to resonate across genres.”

The touring project will be making stops at universities, galleries, guitar retailers and more. Unfortunately, there’s been no news to whether or not Grimes herself will be joining the project at any of their shows, but one can only imagine that her experimental and talented spirit would be down for joining the project on stage if asked.

Many Visions: Plumes Deconstructs the Music of Grimes Tour Schedule
March 10 - Montreal, Quebec - Rocket Science Room
March 11 - Toronto, Ontario - The Music Gallery
March 12 - Hamilton, Ontario - The Casbah
March 13 - Windsor, Ontario - University of Windsor
March 15 - Guelph, Ontario - University of Guelph
March 16 - Kitchener, Ontario - Wilfrid Laurier University
March 17 - Winnipeg, Manitoba - Cluster Festival
March 18 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Village Guitar & Amp Co
March 21 - Vancouver, British Columbia - Music on Main