Hailee Steinfeld performs at the 45th American Music Awards

Hailee Steinfeld performs at the 45th American Music Awards


Actress-turned-popstar Hailee Steinfeld anchored one of the night's (Nov. 19) more lively club moments. Whipping out her hit single "Let Me Go," written/produced by Alesso and featuring country duo Florida Georgia Line, Steinfeld began the performance centerstage, with scaffolding and billowing smoke rising up around her. Her feathery voice floated gently through the production, erratic and boisterous. FGL member Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard dropped into the mix, rising out of the steel architecture peppering the stage.

Alesso recently spoke with Billboard about his creative headspace that led to crafting the bubbly hit "Let Me Go." "The last year, I've been just in a very creative environment. I used to just think about what will work on a dance floor at a festival. Now, I try to put out a song that makes me really feel [something]," he explained, "that's meant to come out through your headphones when you're on your way to work, or off work in the car, [or] being with your friends. I'm just trying to make the most of each song wherever it goes, not trying to push it to a dance floor direction. If I want it to be a dance floor version down the road, I'll just remix it."

He added, of working with Steinfeld,  "She's the coolest chick ever. She's the biggest pop star I think in history in Brazil, and now she's working with me, J. Balvin and Poo Bear. She's definitely spreading her music into this kind of markets."

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