Hardy Fox of The Residents dead at 73
YouTube/Radial by The Orchard

For those who loved The Residents, there was no doubt that the beauty behind the band’s avant-garde sound was the work of Hardy Fox.

Now, music heaven has gained another angel.

According to Billboard, Fox, who was one of the co-founders and lead composer of the band, passed away on Oct. 31. News of Fox’s death came from a statement posted by the band on their website.

“It is with great sorrow and regret that The Cryptic Corporation announces the passing of longtime associate, Hardy Fox,” said the statement.

Founded during the hippie movement of the ‘60s. The Residents formed in San Mateo, California, and began to immerse themselves in the experimentation of music that was transforming the Bay Area’s music scene. Fox was an instrumental part in the creation of both the band’s sound and their identity, which prided themselves on keeping their true identities a secret.

Fox’s expertise wasn’t only regulated to The Residents. In addition to his work with the band, Fox also had a pretty healthy solo career under numerous stage names, from “Combo de Mechanico” to “Chuck and TAR.” Fox also had a keen sense of humor, as he seemed to have predicted his own death just a month earlier, writing in a Facebook post:

“Hi from, me, Hardy. Our hearts are heavy but let us celebrate our brother, our friend, Hardy Fox,” the Facebook post read. Who really knew that we really would be celebrating his life and legacy now.

Rest in paradise, Hardy Fox.