Heroes Lounge breathes new life into Heroes of the Storm
via: youtube.com (Heroes Lounge)

Back in December, Blizzard Entertainment canceled the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship for 2019, effectively ending the professional esports scene for “Heroes of the Storm.” This decision not only ended the open division of the eSport, but left fans and pros reeling from the sudden loss. This lack of support for the doughty MOBA title could have ended any chance of professional-level esports league developing for the game ever again.

Luckily, Heroes Lounge has come up to bat for the game and its avid players. Heroes Lounge started out as a large amateur league for “Heroes of the Storm.” Parts of their objective were to group new players with existing amateur teams, engage these teams in seasonal play, and build a stronger community for fans. They were a potential step on the road to reaching the HGC.

With a gaping hole in the “Heroes” esports structure, Heroes Lounge is not standing idle. They’re looking to fill it.

On Jan. 8, they announced the date for sign-ups for Division S, a “Heroes” competition for players across North America and Europe. Sign-ups begin on Jan. 10 at 2 p.m. EST/8 p.m. CET. Prior to signing up a team for Division S, players need to create an account on the Heroes Lounge website located here.

Qualifiers for the first season will begin on Feb. 2 and will last till the month is out. Eight teams will comprise the first Division S season. The winner will receive a prize pool that has been raised through crowdfunding.

Blizzard’s cancellation of HGC left the game and its fans in the lurch. Heroes Lounge’s creation of a Division S comes at a dire time for “Heroes” fans. Aware that crowdfunding is not a long-term solution to funding, Heroes Lounge is looking for outside financial support for the future.