Hockey fan Snoop Dogg explains the history of the Stanley Cup in new NHL series
NHL / YouTube

Snoop Dogg has become much more than a famed rap superstar. He has moved on to become a huge celebrity in his own right and even became a member of the WWE Hall of Fame for their celebrity wing. However, the WWE isn't the only sport that Snoop Dogg loves, as he is also a monster hockey fan.

Snoop Dogg is preparing for the upcoming 2018 NHL playoffs by creating a YouTube series alongside the NHL. The series is a comedy called "Hockey 101 With Snoop Dogg" and offers up a funny look at the history of the Stanley Cup.

The first of the YouTube series went live on Thursday, April 12, on the official NHL YouTube channel. Snoop Dogg sat at a desk, called himself the professor and said this was The Stanley Cup edition of "Hockey 101 With Snoop Dogg."

He then uses his natural lyrical genius to take fans through the history, claiming that it is about players who want to get their picture taken with the Stanley Cup. Snoop Dogg even talks about NHL legend Wayne Gretzky, who he said started the tradition of getting his picture taken with the trophy back in 1988. Snoop Dogg then goes into numerous bits of hilarious trivia about the Stanley Cup.

While this was considered the first episode, fans should get lots more funny Snoop Dogg videos as the NHL playoffs roll on. AXS has tickets available for the first round series between the Los Angeles Kings and Vegas Golden Knights at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles (buy tickets here).