Houston mayor announces new theme park at Travis Scott concert

Art is most beneficial to society when it has the ability to create economic growth in the independent circuit. Over the past couple of decades, we've seen hip-hop surpass its underground birthplace and find itself at the pinnacle of pop culture. The once nonconforming and misunderstood musical genre now has the persuasion of the masses and dollar support to change communities for years to come.

And now, Travis Scott is the inspiration for his hometown city of Houston's aspiration to reopen an amusement park within the city's limits in the near future. Back in August 2018, the "Pick Up The Phone" curator released his third studio album entitled, Astroworld, which was named after a Houston-based theme park that closed back in 2005. On Wednesday, Feb. 13, Travis Scott held a concert in his hometown at the Toyota Center and was accompanied on stage with Houston's current mayor, Sylvester Turner, who took the time to grant the 26-year-old Houston-native a key to the city and announce the possibility of bringing back another amusement park to the city. While on stage, Turner had this to say, 

"Because of him, we want to bring another amusement theme park back to the city of Houston!"

Turner's statement was met with an eruption by the concertgoers in attendance and Travis Scott continued his show by performing on an on-stage ferris wheel. Travis Scott's influence on his on his hometown city of Houston is apparent but, his artistry is what's making the genre step their game up if they want to compete with his level of commitment to creating timeless music and experiences. Travis Scott's music production has peaked and is considered the best in the genre at the moment. Scott's music video creativity is unmatched and his live show production features specially built props including roller coasters, levitating devices, and more. When it comes to Travis Scott's brand and overall production value, he holds the throne for now. 

Houston mayor, Sylvester Turner, doubled down on his hopes to bring another theme park to Houston releasing a statement obtained by ABC 13 Houston which reads, 

"It is a priority of my administration to always promote Houston as a world-class city. To that end, I am proposing to create a one of a kind permanent amusement park in the City of Houston. This venue would serve as an entertainment destination for local families and attract interest from a global audience.

I first discussed the idea a few years ago and it recently gained momentum through my conversations with Grammy-nominated performer Travis Scott, whose album and concert tour pay homage to Astroworld, Houston’s former theme park.

The City is currently in discussions with architects and developers and we hope to partner with investors who have an interest in making this vision a reality.

Houston is a great city that offers many wonderful seasonal events and attractions. A permanent amusement park would create year-round opportunities."

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If Travis Scott's Astroworld album has the ability to influence a major metropolitan city to work towards bringing an entertainment staple to a community, the possibilities are endless for what music can provide on a global level. There are literally no downsides to art/music creating jobs, commerce, and improving the economic conditions of society. With that said, take a look at Houston mayor, Sylvester Turner making the announcement of possibly bringing back Astroworld to Houston in the Tweet posted below. Also, check out the visuals to Travis Scott's latest single "CAN'T SAY" provided in the video link above. And lastly stick with AXS for all of your ticketing needs.