How Justin Bieber was the inspiration behind Karla Welch's new t-shirt line
x Karla

When it comes to clothing fashion, designer Karla Welch knows a thing or two about taking the simplicity of a plain t-shirt and turning it into her own unique style. She has Justin Bieber to thank for that. She was given the task/opportunity five years ago to create a handful of shirts for Bieber overnight, but the look he was going for didn’t exist at the time.

Welch, who has now launched her own line of Hanes t-shirts titled, x karla, spoke to Vogue recently about how working with the Purpose singer helped inspire her to re-imagine what a white shirt could represent in 2017. 

“They literally didn’t exist in the marketplace. It was a bit of a nightmare,” she said about the request from the singer that would go on to ignite the concept of her future t-shirt line.

She would end up taking a trip to her local Kmart, buying a bunch of triple-XL t-shirts and trimming them part before putting them back together using her own design. Thankfully it all worked out, and Justin would go on to wear her design throughout his Purpose World Tour.

"Karla and I have always pushed boundaries together and this collaboration is a continuation of that," Justin said about one of his favorite designers

The x Karla collection, includes seven different Hanes t-shirt styles ranging from classics to crop tops, and each for an affordable price of $30 per item. Welsh continued in saying that she wanted her new shirts to be both iconic and accessible. Mission accomplished.