How Maroon 5 got their name

Fans have long wondered how three-time Grammy Award winning band Maroon 5 got their name, but the band isn't telling. They have long resolved to keep the origins of their moniker a secret, leading to rampant speculation amongst their millions of fans and countless music bloggers alike.

What we do know is that Maroon 5 wasn't the group's original name. When they first formed in 1994 as a four-piece Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden and first drummer Ryan Dusick chose the name Kara's Flowers, with Kara being the name of one of their high school classmates. They even released an album under the Kara's Flowers name called The Fourth World in 1997 but the record didn't reach their future level of success and the group was dropped from Reprise Records after just a month. It's almost laughable now considering how they'd launch into the stratosphere just a few years later.

In 2000 the foursome took another run at music fame, adding phenomenal guitarist James Valentine to finalize their roster. New label Octone Records insisted that they change their name to separate themselves from their pop origins and Maroon 5 was born. But where did the name come from?

One rumor, according to a 2012 report from radio station NOW 100.5, is that it's another academic reference. Levine and Carmichael both briefly attended Five Towns College in New York, and one of the college's colors is maroon. Could the band have lifted their now well-established name from the title of their university and its choice of colors? Or is Maroon 5 referring to the number of members in the band and just a color that's kind of awesome?

It's unlikely that fans will ever know exactly how Maroon 5 got their name unless the band finally gets tired of all the crazy theories. But what isn't a secret is their place as one of the top bands in modern music. They're continuing to build on their success in 2017 as they prepare to release their next studio album. First single "Cold" has already been released, and the band is still able to wow audiences in concert while Levine continues with his twelfth season as a coach on NBC's singing competition "The Voice."

They'll be one of the featured acts at this year's edition of KIIS-FM's Wango Tango, which takes place on May 13 at the StubHub Center in Carson, CA. Tickets for the massive concert, which also features Katy Perry and Zedd, are on sale now through AXS.

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