Humming House announces two southern California shows
Scenic City Roots

Nashville is kind of a Catch-22 for musicians. A lot of music - especially roots and Americana music - comes out of Nashville. It's definitely a good place to make not only music but also connections to help a musician or band further the career they want. On the flip side, it's hard to carve out a niche in Nashville because so many artists call it home.

Humming House is a band that has carved out a nice little niche for itself. This five-piece band definitely has its roots in bluegrass, and you need only hear the fiddle and mandolin in "Fly On" to know that's the case. The mandolin in this song would fit just as easily into any bluegrass song. Then there are the harmony vocals that definitely have the feel of old bluegrass. However, this song also shows that the band is attached to the present. You'll definitely hear the sounds of new Nashville as well as something akin to Mumford and Sons when all five members of the band raise their voices like a chorus to sing "Whoa-o-o."

While you'll hear the bluegrass influence, you'll also get some of the sounds that bluegrass borrowed from Celtic music. You can hear the Celtic influence in both the melodies and the vocals. It's pretty interesting to hear how this band changes from one part of a song to the next.

A lot of folks - especially reviewers - are finding this band interesting. You'll see some pretty impressive quotes about the band on the homepage of its website. Perhaps the most impressive one comes from The Huffington Post, "Put Humming House on your must see acts of 2015." That's pretty impressive praise. You will get your chance to scratch this impressive band off of your must-see list when it comes to southern California in April. The band has one date in Los Angeles on April 23 at Hotel Cafe and one in Costa Mesa on April 24 at Maison.

Those two tour dates that were just announced are both with Moonsville Collective. You have almost two months to plan for these shows and get to know the music of Humming House - including its new release Revelries that will be available on March 24.