Hundred Suns drop new video for 'Amaranthine,' take action against child trafficking
New Damage Records

By using the power of music, the hard rock band Hundred Suns have declared war against modern day child slavery and trafficking with the new release of their official music video for “Amaranthine.

Knowing it takes more than awareness to interrupt the perpetual cycle of ‘talk,’ the group has chosen to be proactive in their commitment to ending this human rights tragedy by pledging a portion of "Amaranthine" sales proceeds to the nonprofit coalition, THORN. Founded in part by Ashton Kutcher, THORN focuses primarily on preventing the sexual exploitation of children through harnessing the best and brightest minds in today’s technology. 

“Amaranthine” — dedicated to shining light on this real-life crisis — follows the critically acclaimed debut single, "Last Apology” that premiered last month. Both cuts are from their upcoming debut album, The Prestaliis, produced by Beau Burchell (Saosin). Set to drop Aug. 11 via New Damage Records, you can pre-order the much-anticipated disc here.

Hundred Suns, comprised of Cory Brandan, (Norma Jean[vocals/lyricist]), Ryan Leger (ex-Every Time I Die [drums]), and Chris LeMasters (ex-Dead & Divine[guitar/principal songwriter]), consider “Amaranthine" -- inspired by the obscenity of human trafficking - one of their favorite songs on The Prestaliis

Blurring the line between hard rock and metal, this supergroup has fused their unique life experiences and musicality together with the lyrical genius necessary to create a hard-hitting album all their own, both familiar and groundbreaking. After traveling a creative four-year road, the trio is confident they have achieved the original goal they set out to accomplish -- a unique and meaningful album. 

Those that want to join Hundred Suns in their mission to help combat child trafficking and end the exploitation can do so by downloading 'Amaranthine' on iTunes. You can also visit for more information.

Fans can catch Hundred Suns this summer on their upcoming 2017 North American tour, which kicks off Aug. 5 in Dallas. Find the full list of Hundred Suns’ tour dates here.

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Hundred Suns The Prestaliis tracklist

  1  "The Prestaliis I"
  2  "Partner / Predator"
  3  "Bedburner"
  4  "Last Apology"
  5  "December"
  6  "Fractional"
  7  "Reversal"
  8  "Hellelujah"
  9  "Infinite Winter"
10  "Amaranthine"
11  "The Prestaliis II"