ICYMI: John Mayer drops new album details and these 9 fascinating facts in Instagram Live chat
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In case you missed it, John Mayer gave his fans an early Christmas present last Friday, Dec. 16, by dropping some major details about his highly-anticipated new album, The Search For Everything in an Instagram Live Chat with his friend Jordan Rubin from his home in L.A. Their impromptu, fledgling, Instagram talk show seems to have flown somewhat under the mainstream media radar. First, Mayer dishes, “Once it starts, it’s not gonna stop. Once the music starts coming out, not to be too cryptic, it’s gonna be a very steady flow of music in one way or another all year …”

Around 38 minutes into the chat he tells a different caller he and his label have set a release date (though he can’t divulge the specific date). But, the album will be out “before the end of January.” That means new John Mayer music is potentially less than one month away. Let’s say it together: “Saaa-weeeet!

Mayer also reveals the tour to support the record will start in the spring and he’ll make it to New Orleans by the end of the year. The big (and happy) announcements follow the release of Mayer’s latest single “Love on the Weekend.”

The chat is not without its technical difficulties (Google calls are dropped and jammed, at times) but it avidly showcases the “Gravity” singer’s dry wit and penchant for playing Talk Show Host. (Who else remembers his 2004 stint with “John Mayer Has a TV Show” on VH1?) If you don’t remember that, you may recall his hilarious three-day run helming “The Late Late Show” in between Craig Ferguson’s exit and James Corden’s entrance. Mayer called in Rubin, coincidentally, to write his material for the show.

Overall, it’s great fun watching these two highly-successful buds bumble their way around in the murky sea of social media livestream events. It’s definitely worth a watch, if for nothing else than to hear Jordan Rubin’s mom publicly apologize for shoplifting when she was a child. (We forgive you, Jordan’s mom!) And, we're hoping for another installment!

Here are 9 fascinating facts John Mayer reveals during the chat (not in any particular order):

There is NOT a Trio Album in the Works

Mayer gives a simple, direct answer to this question about the possibility of a new John Mayer Trio album. His trio partners Pino Palladino and Steve Jordan are featured on the album, though.

He Has a Recurring Dream He’s Flying

Mayer confesses to having a recurring dream that he flies, almost to ceiling height, then he lands and vomits. He mostly does it to impress others, he added, to say, “I wanna show you something” and then he flies, stops just short of the ceiling, lands and vomits. We can’t help but think of the infectious chorus of “Bigger Than My Body” when he sings “Someday I’ll fly/Someday I’ll soar/Someday I’ll be/So d**m much more.” Is it possible John Mayer’s recurring dream subconsciously stems from these lyrics?

His Favorite Miles Davis Record is Kind of Blue

Mayer highly praises jazz icon Miles Davis’ 1959 album Kind of Blue. He called it, “A study of restraint. A study of interplay. And absolutely, note for note, a masterful thing.

Born and Raised is His Favorite Album in His Discography

Mayer took a turn from blues-infused pop toward Americana with his chart-topping fifth studio album Born and Raised. The “Shadow Days” singer asks a caller which of his albums was his favorite. The caller says, “Born and Raised” to which Mayer replies, “It’s my favorite too.” His favorite track on the record is “If I Get Around to Living.”

He’s Going Home to Montana for Christmas

John Mayer largely answers the call for work between New York and L.A. But, when he wants down time, he retreats to his sprawling Montana ranch. He told Rubin’s mom, who accidentally ended up as a surprise guest caller, he’s going there for Christmas and is ready to get out of L.A. He joked, “When we’re doing fittings for doctors’ appointments, I’ve been in L.A. for too long.”

His Favorite Movie is “Good Will Hunting”

He has an excellent taste in films! It’s really fun watching Jordan and John debate how the film would’ve turned out if the hipster in Harvard bar wouldn’t have said yes to Matt Damon’s gloating, window-pounding question, “Do you like apples?” The icing on the cake comes when John sings a short snippet of one of Elliott Smith’s songs from the soundtrack. Priceless.

He Can Walk Around a City and Be Unrecognized 50 Percent of the Time

Hmm…This seems crazy, given Mayer’s high-profile celebrity status and his own admission that he’s 6’3” tall, with extremely broad shoulders, and well, is a global superstar.

He’ll Be in New York on Tour This Spring

“City Love” fans, rejoice! John Clayton Mayer will be taking the Big Apple by storm this spring; even though he claims “I never liked this apple much” in his romantic Room for Squares track.

He Wants an American Airlines Cookie Right Now

When asked what kind of cookie Mayer would want right now he says, “An American Airlines First Class chocolate chip cookie. But, not in the air. He wants it while he’s on the ground.

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