ICYMI: Kelly Clarkson blows the roof off 'Ellen' with new single 'Invincible'
The Ellen Show

Kelly Clarkson is no doubt one of today's finer singer-songwriters. While she didn't write much on her No. 1 album Piece by Piece, the powerhouse vocalist collected empowering and bold songs for the sixth studio set. Clarkson began the era with "Heartbeat Song," a song that faired moderately on radio and on May 18, she released the second official single "Invincible" penned by Sia.

Earlier in June (2015), Clarkson visited "The Ellen Show" to perform the mega anthem. Though the original "American Idol" winner made an appearance in April, she returned to give one of her best vocal performances of this era.

Delivering clear vocals, Clarkson's voice seems to be in better shape after giving birth and taking a break before releasing her new album. She showed the crowd at "Ellen" why she's still on top of her game, roaring through the single.

The song was introduced by Ellen saying "I love her so much" and Clarkson gave the love to the audience as she worked into the song letting it build. "Beat down on me like a waterfall/ Cuz baby I am ready to be free," she effortlessly eased into the inspirational chorus.

It was the final quarter of the song where she really let loose, hitting high notes and holding them out rattling the speakers. Cooing and going through a few runs, Clarkson broke into a soulful roar like only she can showcasing what makes her one of the finest in pop music. The performance matches what she can do on stage as fans will have a chance to see this summer when she embarks on the Piece by Piece Tour with Pentatonix.

"Invincible" was the final song recorded for the new album when it was passed to Clarkson through a mutual producer Jesse Shatkin. The new single, the only song recorded after giving birth to River Rose, was chosen by Clarkson and is slowly taking the airwaves.

Piece by Piece and "Invincible" are available for download now.