ICYMI: Kelly Clarkson wails on Sia's 'Chandelier'

Since June, Kelly Clarkson has been going to Facebook Live to chat with fans and talk about what might be happening in her life behind the scenes. Over the weekend, the three-time Grammy Award winner had a schedule filled with both fun and work and was late to catch up with fans. Clarkson adopted taking to the social network on the final Friday of each month and had previous engagements but it was worth the wait.

In the streams, she's had one of her bandmates accompanying her on songs such as Rihanna's "Love on the Brain" and Aretha Franklin's "Something He Can Feel." Singing Sia's "Chandelier" in front of a succulent patterned wall for her "masquerade ball," she makes it all about her strong vocals. There's no piano, no guitar, it's just an a capella version of the song and without question Clarkson nails every line. Sia's voice is complex and colorful and Clarkson is daring enough to take that on. She rips through the chorus with power, shifting her voice into falsettos and roaring licks while sporting a wig imitating the singer for Halloween.

Impressively, though her voice becomes gravely, a quality fans adore, she belts like only Clarkson can. Any other Friday she performs early in the morning. However on that day she attended the S.H.E. Summit in New York City to talk about time management and being a mother. After returning to Tennessee after a full day of work, her voice is still on point and "Chandelier" is easily one of her most noteworthy covers on the fact it was a capella alone. "That's me at 7 p.m. after a full day of work. So there you go Sia! I hope you liked it!," she said in the video.

Kelly Clarkson is a fan of the singer-songwriter who in recent years is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Included on Clarkson's sixth non-holiday studio album Piece by Piece, she recorded two songs written by Sia. While she didn't have the opportunity to actually work with her, her main producers Greg Kurstin and Jesse Shatkin are good friends with Sia. They worked together in the past and the team passed along to Clarkson the songs "Let Your Tears Fall" and "Invincible." The latter was released as the second single from the album and is one of Clarkson's biggest anthems to date. The track was the final song recorded for the album after she had given birth to daughter River Rose. Clarkson loved the track so much that she kept Sia's original background vocals on the track.

Clarkson did however release the fan request cover songs on time to tie fans over until later in the day when she could go live. She took time to talk about her charity "Miracle on Broadway" in which she will not profit. All proceeds will be donated.

Watch Kelly Clarkson perform "Chandelier" here.