In honor of Denver's upcoming Velorama music festival, here are the best songs about bicycling

There are two types of people in this world: Those who recognize that bicycles are the greatest mode of transportation and those stuck in traffic.

The upcoming Velorama Colorado music festival -- scheduled for Aug. 11-13 in the RiNO Arts district -- is catered to those in the first category. Coordinated in conjunction with the Colorado Classic -- a four-stage, UCI-sanctioned bike race hitting Colorado Springs and Breckenridge on Aug. 10-11 before wrapping up in Denver on Aug. 12-13 -- Velorama will celebrate the intersection of biking, music and Colorado culture.

Velorama promises to be special because in Denver, the Venn diagram of those three interests is basically a circle. The Mile High City is a model in how the pains of rapid urban development can be eased through a commitment to alternative transportation options, including on and off-street cycling paths. Not only does the city itself boast over 85 miles of paved, off-street bike trails, but its pioneering B-Cycle bike share program has been modeled by cities all across the country.

And with appearances from indie rock giants Wilco, The New Pornographers and Death Cab For Cutie, the music programming of Velorama is impressive even if you have no interest in the bike race. The three days of performances will also include sets from La Santa Cecilia on Friday, Tennis and Saint Motel on Saturday and Rob Drabkin, The Jayhawks and Old 97’s on Sunday, which will also feature a ton of local bands and musicians during the day.

In the spirit of the event, we put together a Spotify playlist featuring our favorite songs about bicycling, along with music from all of the artists scheduled to perform. Listen and subscribe to the playlist below, click here to get your tickets to Velorama and keep it on for much more on this one-of-a-kind event.