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Luckily for Foster the People, they were not one of the headlining acts on Saturday at the Firefly Music Festival. After their set on the Firefly Main Stage, the bad wind and rain actually forced evacuations and for a few acts to be cancelled so everyone could stay safe. Fortunately, Foster the People thrilled everyone before it got bad.

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Everyone was watching as the lightning began to flash in the distance and rolling thunder started to sound in their ears. Still, they were having far too much fun enjoying the band's set to pay it much mind.

Things were great throughout, but the biggest ovation of the night came for the fun-time sounding ballad "Pumped Up Kicks." People danced in the fields and sang along with the band sometimes to the point of not being able to hear them on stage. It was an entertaining set with lots of fun and a message that always gets to everyone.

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