Indie-soul artist, APHROSE, premiere's her victory single 'The Middle'

APHROSE, whose real name is Joana Mohammed hails from Toronto, Canada, and was raised in the culturally diverse neighborhoods of Scarborough. Due to her diverse upbringing, her musical journey was shaped by a variety of genres that were present from day one in her Trinidadian household. The genres she was exposed to were Soca, Calypso, Reggae, Soul, Gospel and classic Bollywood soundtracks, including country music. 

She released her debut EP in 2009 but had to overcome some significantly difficult challenges. Because of these challenges that were overturned by happy moments, Mohammed decided to take her artist name as Aphrose, which honors her family history. In a general press statement, she says that ’"I've been raised and taught by some of the strongest, most loving women in the world. My mother's birth name was Aphrose and I chose my new name to honor her and the many powerful women in my life who give me strength and purpose.”

As of June 2017, she released her first single under her new artist name and will continue to release a number of singles throughout 2017 and into 2018. She's also gearing up for a new record to release within the next year and will reflect her new life outlook of joy, love, and overcoming hardships. She's premiering her new single "The Middle" and is excited about this single when she tells AXS that this single "is a song that I wrote in the midst of a very turbulent time of my life; a time where I felt unable to grow and evolve in the way that I wanted to, held back by things beyond my control. It was like being trapped in quicksand."

Relaying her new strength to AXS, she continues stating about "The Middle" that "writing about it was a sort of therapy that helped me get through it, and now looking back, I see it as a teachable moment and feel I came out a stronger person and a more developed artist because of it. "The Middle Remix," produced by the incredible duo Bus Up Shop out of Toronto, takes the vocals of the original song and creates a vibe that makes you feel like you have the sun in your face, sand between your toes and your worries all behind you. It reminds me that no matter how bleak life seems, sometimes all you need is a change in perspective to turn a loss into a victory."

Check out "The Middle" in the streaming box below.