Indigo Girls play The Fonda Theatre
Indigo Girls

No matter the genre, one has to give credit to a band that can stick around for 30 years. That's pretty amazing staying power for any relationship, but especially for a band. Believe it or not, Indigo Girls is one of those bands that has been around for that long.

The band did its first recording in 1985 and released its first EP in 1987. Since then, the band has won a Grammy, charted Top 10 hits and a platinum album. That's a pretty impressive list of accomplishments. It's especially impressive considering that Indigo Girls is an often overlooked band. But Indigo Girls has made a career of thought-provoking folksy songs with amazing harmonies.

A quick sample of "Southern California Is Your Girlfriend" from the band's most recent album One Lost Day will show many why this band is such a fan favorite. It's a pretty, layered song that's a great example of the type of quality music this band has put out over the years. In many ways, it is just one example from a catalog of albums and songs that contains a wealth of material for people to choose from and be satisfied with. 

Fans of the Indigo Girls are in luck. The band will perform at The Fonda Theatre on August 11. Tickets for this show are $40.