Interview: 7 Minutes in Heaven talk follow-up EP due out in September
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Chicago-based alternative band 7 Minutes in Heaven previously released a hit-making EP, Side Effects, featuring the singles "I'm Okay," and "Fireworks." Side Effects hit the Billboard music charts, reaching number 1 on Alternative New Artists, number 9 on Heatseekers, and number 60 on Independent chart. The band toured extensively throughout 2016 to support Side Effects, and supported such popular acts like New Found Glory, Set It Off, and New Politics. They also made the festival circuit, performing at SXSW, So What?! Music Fest and more. 

The band recently announced their follow-up EP Symmetry, featuring the same-titled first single. The EP will release on Sept. 15, and focuses on positivity, how greater it is and can be among negativity. We talked with the guys from 7 Minutes in Heaven about their new EP, how they maintain positivity, and where their hope comes from. 

AXS: You guys toured religiously throughout much of 2016. What was the most memorable aspect of touring, and what's the one thing you can do without while touring?  

7 Minutes in Heaven: The most memorable aspect of touring has to be the people we get to meet and the experience in places so far from home, yet find a common ground from the start over shared love of music. The one thing easiest to do without is honestly the constant contact with the outside world. When on tour we spend most of our time driving, and sometimes without signal. It can be good alone time or chatting it up with each other. 

AXS: You all are getting ready for your follow-up EP, Symmetry, which is about maintaining positivity amongst surrounding negativity. How do you guys stay positive? 

7MIH: Sometimes it can be hard, but remembering that the stress and fear we may feel in life, is the polar side of a spectrum, in which case the terrible means the good is even larger. We just have to stick to allowing the good to shine through because it's always there if you're willing to look for it.

AXS: What are you guys most looking forward to with the release of Symmetry? 

7MIH: Probably just finally being able to publicly share these songs with the world. A lot of time, effort and emotion went into not only the recording, but the demo/writing process as well. I think we learned a lot about ourselves and the band. Finally releasing it is a huge accomplishment and a relief almost; we truly love these songs and being able to share it is one of the reasons we do this.

AXS: What's next after Symmetry is released? 

7MIH: Tour, tour, tour and keeping the creative juices flowing. We've finally been picking momentum back up and we don't plan on stopping. We want to share this new music with as many people and play as often as we can.