Interview: Americana Band The Sound of Ghosts Discuss Opening for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, New Music
Photo courtesy: Carrie Ann Frances and used with permission

With a sound best described as a melting pot of alt-Americana and Americana rock, L.A. based band, The Sound of Ghosts has been wowing audiences with their hook-laden grooves, inspired live show and a tasty, multi-instrumental attack.

The group –which features James Orbison (upright bass, lead vocals), Anna Orbison (lead vocals), Ernesto Rivas (guitar), Jon Sarna (drums), Christian Robinson (trumpet) and Phoebe Silva (violin/mandolin) is still riding the wave from last year’s debut album, Come Home. A dream come true accomplishment for a band who's origins can be traced to the late Dave Lamb of folk-duo, Brown Bird.

On Friday, April 21 The Sound of Ghosts will once again have a surreal experience. This time as the opening act for multi-million selling, savory jazz group, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at The Rose in Pasadena, CA.

AXS recently caught up with The Sound of Ghosts to ask them about the upcoming show, new music and more.

AXS: What’s it like having the opportunity to open for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy?

James Orbison: It’s an amazing opportunity and a huge stepping stone for us. It’s awesome to get to open for a band that we've all kind of looked up to when we were younger as fans. It’s certainly an exciting time to be a ghost! [laughs].

Christian Robinson: I remember seeing Big Bad Voodoo Daddy for the first time when I was thirteen and was immediately hooked on their sound. I never would have thought we’d be in a position to play alongside them. It’s surreal.

AXS: For those who are not familiar with The Sound of Ghosts, how would you describe your style?

Phoebe Silva: We draw from all of the things that we like, including elements of classic rock, blues, country and everything in between. It’s a sound that’s a little bit difficult to pin down but that’s what makes it so exciting and unique. 

AXS: What can fans expect from The Sound of Ghosts’ performance?

Ernesto Rivas: We’re going to bring our own brand of alt-Americana with the unique sound that we’ve created. We’re going to play hard with plenty of energy as well as bring some smiles and make everyone dance. 

Anna Orbison: Our sound is different from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s, but we definitely have elements of Dixieland, jazz and swing. We’ll bring all of that out in our performance at The Rose. 

AXS: The band’s latest album, Come Home is infused with hook-laden tracks of personal experience. What is the band’s songwriting process like?

AO: Our songwriting process changes a fair amount from song to song because we have different ideas coming from different people. Usually, Ernesto, myself and James will sit down in and either base something off of an idea or lick or a fully fleshed-out song. We'll put it together from there. We don’t follow a lot of rules, and we definitely create our own sound. Each song is it’s own process and that’s what helps our body of work sound so varied. 

AXS: The band has recently finished filming a music video. What can you tell me about it?

Jon Sarna: In a word – epic! It’s a video for our song, “Open Road”. We’ve got aerial footage and a bit of a story to create a fully realized video that's not just us playing along to the song. We shot it with the amazingly talented Carrie Ann Frances. She was magnificent to work with.

Are there any other projects the band is currently working on?

JO: We’ve got a lot of exciting things happening. We’ll soon be heading to New Mexico to play the Roswell Film Festival as well as a performance in Huntington Beach. We’ll also be heading back into the studio next month to record a new album and will follow that up with a tour to the Pacific Northwest in August. We’re very excited about getting new music out there!

You can find out more about The Sound of Ghosts at their official website by clicking here.