Andrew " The Reinforcer" Anderson showing off the Northeastern American Heavyweight Title Belt.

Andrew " The Reinforcer" Anderson showing off the Northeastern American Heavyweight Title Belt.

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The many faces of Andrew “The Reinforcer’ Anderson includes a heavyweight championship belt holder, a successful business man, an actor, as well as a friend to many people who has taken the time to get to know the rough edged wrestler.  He graduated from St Peter’s College with a degree in Business Administration in 1989, and he uses his business degree every day making sure his wrestling and acting career are successful. In 1997 he received his big break in the wrestling world being discovered by wrestling legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and was offered an extensive training program under the tutelage of Gino Caruso, Nickolai Volkoff and the Kodiak Bear at Caruso’s gym in Lake Hiawatha. Always having great love and respect for the wrestling legends of the 80’s and the ones he watched as a child, it is fitting that he has now earned their respect in the wrestling community.

Andrew can be seen at wrestling matches along the east coast. He has been wrestling in the East Coast Professional Wrestling circuit, as well as the NWA Gulf Coast Wrestling. He is always very approachable by the fans and loves the interacting with them at any of the events he is at.

Andrew has expanded his wrestling career into an acting career also. He can be seen in the movie The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke that was released in December of 2008. Most recently he was on Season 4 of Gotham as the leader of the Demon Biker Gang. There are rumors out there of Andrew being cast in a new film that will be released late in 2019 or early 2020.

AXS: At what age did you start wrestling?

ANDREW ANDERSON:  I started wrestling at the age of 23. 

AXS: What wrestlers influenced your career? 

AA: Don Muraco, Jimmy Snuka (The person who trained me) Ric Flair, Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, Terry Funk, Road Warriors, and Superstar Graham.

AXS: The name Andrew "The Reinforcer" Anderson - was that given to you by someone or did you pick the name for yourself?

AA: Arn Anderson was called the Enforcer, after years of wrestling as Siberian Tiger, Crowbar Chris Ford tagged me as The Reinforcer

AXS: Do you have any major wrestling events coming up in the next 90 days? 

AA: Dec  8, 2018 in Seaford, Delaware at the Cross Christian Academy located at 110 Holly Street for the ICW Redemption matches.

Dec 15,  at Coastal Sports 5 Gardner Road in Fairfield, NJ. A fundraiser for St Jude's Children's Research Hospital. I am part of the 6 man tag team match.

Dec 22, 2018 at the ECPW Wrestling Season's Slam. St Jude Parish Center 40 Maxim Drive in Hopatcong, NJ.  Another night to support St Jude's Children's Research Hospital while enjoying a night out with great entertainment. 

Dec 28, 2018 in Lyndhurst, NJ at the Recreation Center located at 862 Valley Brook Ave. This event is the first ever YouTube TV taping. Proud to say that we’re still cheaper than a night at the movies and we’re helping community groups each and every event!. This show is a fundraiser for the Lyndhurst Police Unity Tour, girls basketball, and recreational wrestling. Please help support the community and enjoy a great night out watching a fabulous wrestling show.

AXS:  Do you have any appearances in the near future where your fans can get pictures/autographs? 

AA:  I usually set up to meet fans and take pictures at each of the shows I appear at. There are a few conventions in the future I will have a table set up to sign autographs and pictures

AXS: What title belts have you held? 

AA:  ECPW Heavyweight Champion four times, ECPW TV Champion, ECPW Tag Champion two times, HIWF Heavyweight Champion,  JCW Heavyweight Champion, RCW Heavyweight Champion, UPWF International Champion.

AXS:  Do you have any advice for wrestlers who are just starting and what to expand their career to include the professional wrestling scene? 

AA:  My advice to younger wrestlers is to slow down and let the fans register your actions, also grab a hold, wrestling is about holds not high spots and acrobatics, so grab a hold and work that hold.

AXS:  Do you have other "career" / hobbies that you do when not wrestling?

AA:  I collect Marvel comics and Marvel, DC and Star Wars action figures.

AXS: How can the fans follow your career/wrestling/ and appearances? 

AA: Fans can follow me on Twitter @drewthewrestler, I have a Facebook fan page AndrewAnderson, as well as Andrew “the Reinforcer” Anderson on Facebook.