Interview: BØRNS chats about teaming up with Fender for the Offset Film Series and discusses his fondest music memories

BØRNS is an artist who knows how to bring masterful dulcet tones and catchy riffs to each piece of music he puts out. He draws you in with the very first beat and then hooks you with his enchanting sound. Yes, the true talent of a creator lies in their ability to design a world that stretches the imagination and BØRNS is a prime example of what happens when that’s done right.

His 2015 album, Dopamine, launched him into the spotlight with the electronic-based pop hit, “Electric Love.” In a recent interview, the musician shared with AXS what the magical recipe behind that number was. “I think the guitar and vocals have an interesting relationship in that song. They are both leaping around each other and creating tension. They are both very simple melody lines, but it's how they speak to each other that creates emotion. I like making songs that are conversations between instruments.”

Some of the entertainer’s biggest inspirations come from fashion and filmmaking. That’s why teaming up with Fender for the Offset Film Series, which was launched in conjunction with Fender’s 2017 Color Refresh campaign, seems like such a natural partnership. The creative video series features BØRNS playing the Shell Pink Offset Mustang, in a video that he also directed.

“It's such a pretty thing. So soft and innocent but run her through a fuzz pedal and it's a beautiful juxtaposition,” he said of the guitar. “All of my artistic passions seem to influence each other,” he continued. “Films influence my songwriting and the other way around. I enjoy writing scripts and video concepts, so when this opportunity came up I was excited to be a part of it.” He told AXS, “I enjoy the process of filmmaking and the unexpected accidents that turn into magic,” as he confirmed he’ll be doing more of that in the future.

BØRNS also reflected on his love of guitars and what it felt like the very-first time he remembers picking one up. “I had a busted guitar as a kid that didn't really make any pleasant sounds, but I loved the feel of it. It was more of a prop than an instrument. It wasn't until I graduated high school that I started using it for musical purposes, but I discovered the showy aspect is just as important.”

While BØRNS grew up in Michigan, his move to Los Angeles prompted him to write some of his most influential work. Since then, he’s performed at major music festivals including Coachella, Lollapalooza, Hangout, Sasquatch! and Bonnaroo. But he says his favorite standout memory was a recent one, when he performed with the American Youth Symphony. “It was my orchestral dream come true. Once you go live strings you can never go back.”

In the past few months, the artist has released some new work. Two creative videos, "The Search For The Lost Sounds" and "The Faded Heart Sessions," as well as two new songs, “Faded Heart” and “Sweet Dreams.” You can now catch him playing some small clubs in the U.S., UK and Europe. Tickets to select shows are available here at AXS.

As for what’s in store, “My next record comes out in January,” he says. “I can't wait to share it.”