Interview: Ben Hazlewood discusses his favorite memory of new EP & creative process
Ben Hazlewood/YouTube

Australian musician Ben Hazlewood's love of music is apparent in his performances, live and in studio. His music videos are also a deep reflection of how he wants his music to come across to viewers and listeners. His previous EP, Vanta, was released on June 3, 2016 and featured two popular tracks, "Wanted" and "Paint Me Black ft. Mali Koa Hood." These tracks were also featured in a series of live recordings from Ocean Way in Nashville. 

Hazlewood's latest EP, EOS, was released on May 4, 2017. In a recent press release, Hazlewood says that EOS  "is the Greek goddess of dawn. The theme behind these two EPs is it's always darkest before the dawn. The instrumentals and lyrics throughout EOS  highlight the hope and peace in an otherwise dark and desperate place. There is always some light to hold on to no matter how faint it is."

Check out what Hazlewood told AXS about his music, collaborations and what's coming next:

AXS: You released your new video "Sail Away" in July. What's the premise behind it, and what was filming like? 

Ben Hazlewood:  The "Sail Away" music video shows the fear and desperation of trying to reach out to someone in distress. The visual of water and its immense natural power symbolizing the separation and loss of persuasion in the moving tide. The filming was intense. We shot through the night in the middle of the desert (where the studio apartment was built) and had a lot of different elements to deal with. It was the biggest most ambitious video I have attempted to date so I was super pumped for it!

AXS: You just released your new EP, EOS. What was your favorite memory of recording it? 

BH: Duncan Sparks and I sitting in a house in the middle on the woods in Nashville writing and producing tracks for this EP for a few weeks. I think by the end we had close to 30 tracks to choose from.

AXS: You've worked with longtime collaborator and friend, Duncan Sparks. What's that creative relationship like? 

BH: It was one of the best creative projects. We had so many ideas and vibes that we had space and time to explore the river was filled with inspiration that which we guzzled from .

AXS: What's coming up for you, your music, and a tour, perhaps?  

BH: New music- I’ve been writing non-stop. It’s evolved and grown so much since Vanta and EOS I’m really excited about this new sound. Playing shows again In Australia and the US very soon!

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