Blizzard of Ozz recreated by I Don't Know - An Ozzy Tribute

Blizzard of Ozz recreated by I Don't Know - An Ozzy Tribute

Brandon Parrigan

Brandon Parrigin is passionate about the music and recreating something he fell in love with. Making sure when they are on stage, I Don't Know - An Ozzy Tribute makes sure you are transported back to the 80's and a time when going to rock concerts were loud and entertaining. 

AXS: What Brought all of the members together in I Don't Know?

Brandon Parrigin:  Well I had always been influenced by Randy Rhoads, his style and ability always amazed me ever since I started playing guitar. I always thought it would be cool to put a band together to pay homage to him. I met with a friend, Pete Prieto, and we put together the idea of doing an Ozzy Osbourne tribute band. We then put an ad out and that’s how we found our bassist Ralph and our drummer Keith McGaughey. Pete is in another band, The Connected, with Dave Yarrington, who after performing our headlining show at The Chance Theater with us, decided he wanted to be a more permanent member. 

AXS: How did the band come up with the name I Don't Know?

BP:  Well being an Ozzy Osbourne tribute band we decided it should be in relevance to Ozzy’s music. Since we are focusing on Randy Rhoads era with Ozzy we decided to go with a song off of the first album, Blizzard of Ozz. I actually like the name “I Don’t Know” because it adds some humor to the band. It allowed for people to be able to use the name in conversation such as “Who are you going to see tonight?” And the clever response “I Don’t Know?” We took it one step further and added a question mark to the “An Ozzy Tribute” part, again just for laughs. 

AXS: How does the name relate to the music that is played? 

BP: I Don’t Know is the first song off of the Blizzard of Ozz album. The first album Ozzy released after Black Sabbath and the first album with Randy Rhoads. 

AXS: What was the deciding factor that made the band focus on the older Randy Rhoads era music?

BP: Randy Rhoads has been a big reason why I even play guitar. His version of “Paranoid” was so incredible that it was the first thing I learned how to play. I wanted to put a band together to pay homage to him, and an Ozzy Osbourne tribute was the perfect opportunity for that. 

AXS: Where can readers come and see I Don't Know perform the best of Ozzy Osbourne?

BP: Still being a relatively new tribute band, I Don’t Know mainly performs shows in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, and CT). We are hoping to be able to expand our areas to more of the east coast and hopefully eventually nationwide. 

AXS: How do the readers keep in touch with the band and the members? 

BP: I Don't Know is on a couple different social media platforms such as Facebook (@idontknowny), Twitter (@idontknowband), and Instagram (@idontknowband). We also have a website at where they can learn about the band, what songs we do and where we’ve played/ are playing. 

AXS: As a musician, do you feel as though performing as a tribute band is more accepted now than what it was in the past? 

BP:  I do feel that tributes are more accepted and more on the rise than they have in the past. Competing with other tribute bands has been a big challenge for us as there are so many other great Ozzy Osbourne tribute bands in our area alone. 

AXS: Are there plans for 'I Don't Know' to write music and perform originals?

BP: We have discussed the idea and it isn’t something that we're opposed to. I guess I could say... “I Don’t Know.”