Interview: Brooke Josephson premieres new video for ‘Crazy Called Normal’
Brooke Josephson

Today, AXS premieres the video for Brooke Josephson’s “Crazy Called Normal”. It’s the new single from the singer/songwriter’s upcoming EP, Sexy N’ Domesticated. An album that’s a snapshot of the songstress’ personal journey and features an eclectic mix of musical influences and genres.

With an array of visual metaphors, the video for “Crazy Called Normal” is a tongue-in-cheek look at how silly and mundane the world has become, and how things that were once considered patently absurd have suddenly become acceptable.

AXS recently spoke with Brooke Josephson about“Crazy Called Normal” and more in this new interview.

AXS: What inspired the song, “Crazy Called Normal”?

Brooke Josephson: The song came about after I had just experienced “one of those days.” I remember I had just picked up my daughter from school and she was telling me about some drama that happened at recess. Halfway through the conversation, she just stopped talking and said, “How was your day, Mommy?” Just hearing her little voice; it took everything in me not to start crying. I was able to hold it together and told her that everything was fine. I didn’t want to get emotional, and on the drive home I found myself chanting this mantra: “laugh don’t crack” over and over under my breath. That night, after the kids were in bed, I went into the studio and started writing out the events of the day, keeping that mantra in mind. There’s so much we have to do to be productive, and the things we consider crazy have suddenly become normal. That’s how the song came about.

Click here to watch the video for "Crazy Called Normal."

AXS: Where did the idea for the video come from?

BJ: The concept for the video came about when I was filming in New York. I had taken a break and was sitting in a coffee shop reading the newspaper when I noticed this older woman getting up and dancing in the middle of the shop every time a song came on the radio. Everyone was just looking at their cellphones and weren't even acknowledging her. They were oblivious to what she was doing and just ordered their coffee; not even bothering to look at the person they had just ordered it from. Then, I’d see all these people walking down the street talking to themselves. Normally, you'd think they might be crazy, but then they’d turn their head and you’d realize they were wearing an earpiece and talking on their phone. I started thinking about the whole perception of reality and decided to use the video to create one of my own by having someone who looks like an old lady, but who is clearly wearing a mask. I played with a lot of visual metaphors with the video.

AXS: What can fans expect from your upcoming EP, Sexy N’ Domesticated?

BJ: It's a sonic snapshot of my life and a blend of all the musical influences that have inspired me. I had read Carole King’s book where she talked about writing her album, Tapestry. She said that every song on the album was something she was personally experiencing at the time it was written. I wanted to use that same approach with the songs on this album. I think that when you’re honest and are willing to go to those places, it really resonates with people.