Interview: Chicago tribute band Beginnings talks playing the songs of legendary band
Video courtesy of Mason Swearington

The start of Chicago tribute band Beginnings could read like a movie script. Veteran musicians, all accomplished, come together to play the music of Chicago. They become a hit with their act and now their tour includes performances at The Showroom at the South Point Hotel, Casino, Spa May 19-20.

Their story begins in 2002 in Long Island, New York. “Most of us were working in other bands and knew each other. Many were horn players and always looking for other ways to play music. Growing up, I was a huge Chicago fan because my parents were big fans of Chicago,” Mason Swearington, lead singer and front man, told “As musicians looking for a niche for our talents, we decided on the songs of Chicago and it turned out to be fantastic.”

Ironically, unlike many bands that have broken up or had members who have passed away, Chicago continues to tour and perform as well.

“I think it is a fantastic feat on their part that literally 50 years later, Chicago is still out there putting on a great show,” Swearington stated. “Chicago is fantastic even today.” He is thrilled that the tribute band is also able to work as much and that it shows the love for the music itself. Chicago produced a big catalogue of hits that people are drawn to and want to enjoy.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Swearington followed the dream of many by moving to New York City to become a rock star. He worked in different bands and recorded music produced by Peter Frampton in the late 1990s. “I learned about the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, had a lot of fun and make some great friends. I just wish we had made more money,” he laughed. It was from this background that he connected with other musicians to create Beginnings.

Chicago is also known for its music (and distinctive logo) and not one particular member. According to Swearington, it is all about the music. Beginnings does not use any backing tracks and rehearses to make certain the songs are performed like Chicago.

When not touring, members are music teachers, a computer programmer and Swearington produces and edits video. Other members continue to work as full-time musicians. The band does tour extensively and has played Walt Disney’s Epcot Center, The M Resort Spa Casino, Bally’s Atlantic City Resort Casino and The Golden Nugget Atlantic City Resort And Casino.

Chicago tribute band Beginnings will perform in The Showroom at the South Point Hotel, Casino, Spa at 7:30 p.m. May 19-20. Tickets are available and can be purchased tickets can be purchased by clicking here.