Interview: Christina Holmes talks tour with Nahko and the Medicine, more
PFA Media

Having released her second album, Stand Up, last year on her own record label, Cove House Records, musician Christina Holmes has caught the eye and ear of many renowned musicians. These include Trevor Hall, Xavier Rudd, and Nahko of Medicine for the People, who have all toured with her. Her music is open, raw and relatable, resonating with her fellow musicians and listeners. Her music is an honest portrayal of her relationship with her partner, which is the theme with her single "Forget Me Not," written about how she found love with her fiancé. Other songs featured on the album that are special to her include "Always" and "Positive Day." 

AXS: You were on tour with Nahko and Medicine for the People. What was that experience like, and how was it sharing your music with Nahko and his band? 

Christina Holmes: It was the most incredible experience ever. A dream come true. All the guys are amazing and super humble loving souls. It was an honor to have their respect. Have been inspired by Nahko and the boys for quite some time now so being able to share the stage and my music with them is something I will never forget!

AXS: You were promoting your second album, Stand Up, which obviously has a very strong meaning...what does "Stand Up" mean to you? 

CH: Stand up to me means many things. To stand up for what you believe in, stand up for who you are inside and always be yourself, stand up even when you think you can’t. We spend a lot of our time in this life getting knocked down and most of the time we end up pushing ourselves down. I want stand up to mean that you can overcome anything if you set that intention. 

AXS: You're about to go into the studio to record your third album. Do you have an idea of how you want the recording process to transpire? 

CH: I am super excited to get back in the studio. I have some stuff that’s already figured out but I like being free in the studio to see what flows. You never know what will come out and sometimes that’s the most beautiful part about it. 

AXS: How does your creative spark happen when it comes to writing your songs? 

CH: It’s different all the time. I could come up with hook just humming or write lyrics on a napkin when I’m out to eat. Songs never have a set way of coming out. 

AXS: What are you looking forward to most in 2018?

CH: I’m looking forward most to headlining my first tour. Everyone has always known me with just an acoustic guitar. They will still be getting the same old me but I’m excited to finally show the many sides of C.Holmes. Full band and loop sets coming soon!