Interview: Dee Snider talks 'Strangeland 2' announcement
Steven Lebowitz

Ask anyone who attended Spooky Empire's Retro 2017 and they'd be hard-pressed to find someone who did not have a rocking, great time. The two pool parties were outstanding and had the pleasure of special DJ The Purple Wizard to help celebrate the life of Prince on Friday night. As always though, it was the plethora of guests that always keeps the fans of Spooky Empire coming back and continually attracts new fans. Besides staples like "Friday the 13th's" Jason (Kane Hodder) and "Halloween's" Michaels Myers (Tyler Mane), Spooky Empire brought in Golden Globe nominee Malcolm McDowell and Oscar nominee Joan Cusack. They also had a mini "The Outsiders" reunion by bringing in Ralph Macchio and C. Thomas Howell. Fans may ask what those latter two have to do with horror? The short answer is nothing really, but it shows how Petey and Gina Mongelli, who run the convention, won't let their product get pigeonholed and they continually think outside the box.

One guest who easily fit into the confines of Spooky Empire Retro was the frontman for Twister Sister, Dee Snider. First, Spooky Empire has always enjoyed bringing in a various number of rock legends to their convention as they did with Alice Cooper at last year's Retro gathering. Plus, Dee is the creative mind behind the horror cult classic "Strangeland" in which he both wrote and starred in as Captain Howdy.

There was a massive number of people lined up to get Dee Snider's autograph and take a picture with him all weekend long. However, Dee did take some time to do an in-depth interview with AXS during the weekend. During the interview, Snider reveals how he first became interested in music and ended up joining Twisted Sister; hints that an announcement regarding "Strangeland 2" is imminent and AXS even came up with a question no one has asked him before. Click the video above to see this engrossing interview.

Spooky Empire is not done with 2017. They have two Orlando events still on the horizon. In September, they have their first-ever Spooky Days in the Park event from 22-23 and then the big show: Spooky Empire's Horror, Halloween, Tattoo and Film Festival taking place Oct. 27-29. Be sure to visit for more details.