Interview: Denver band 888 chats success and gratitude

The popular Denver band 888 has become one of Colorado’s hottest groups and they certainly know how important it is to not give up.  Now that “Critical Mistakes” has been all over the airwaves, fans know the catchy hit song and are looking for more. 888’s self-produced EP is already showing off the talents of frontman Danny Stills, Aaron Rothe on Keys and Danner Cooper on drums. Their success skyrocketed when they won radio station KTCL’s Hometown for the Holiday’s band competition, and now they have signed with Island Records. 888 will be headlining at the Marquis Theater this Fri. Mar. 3, 2017 7:00pm. For tickets and more information check out Marquis Theater’s website.

AXS: Your music video for "Critical Mistakes" is incredibly powerful. The first time I watched it I cried. Please share your inspiration behind that video and tell us about The Forgiveness Project. 

888: We knew we wanted the concept for the video to take the song to a different level, as a music video should. We tapped Rosco Guerrero of Blurred Pictures to direct it and he came to us with the concept and we all got chills. We discovered The Forgiveness Project after we shot the video and reached out to see if they wanted to be involved. It worked out perfectly and also gave viewers a place to get more information and get involved with the amazing things they are doing.

AXS: How have your lives changed since winning KTCL's 2015 Hometown for the Holidays?

888: Winning HTFTH was definitely a pivotal point for us. We've never seen a radio station give local music such a platform to be heard. Winning was surreal and it established us locally, but what really changed everything was when Nerf added "Critical Mistakes" into rotation a couple of months after that. It landed us a record deal with Island Records and put us on the road quickly. None of this could have happened in any other city or with any other radio station. Thank you KTCL and Denver!

AXS: You have got quite the tour in the works with March 3rd at the Marquis Theater in your hometown of Denver, CO. From there you are off to Alabama. What is life on the road like for you?

888: Touring for us has been such an adventure. We've had such a crazy schedule and spend more time flying in the air than on the road. Some days we play to thousands at festivals, the next night we might play to ten people who have never heard us. We're so focused and also know we're very fortunate to have these opportunities. It's actually quite humbling and that keeps us grounded.