Interview: Denver Comic Con 2017 guest Finn Jones talks ‘Iron Fist,’ 'GoT' and social causes
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The legendary Iron Fist is headed to Denver Comic Con. Fans are looking forward to meeting "Iron Fist" star Finn Jones at this year's con, June 30-July 2, 2017 at the Colorado Convention Center

Jones is best known for this role as Loras Tyrell from “Game of Thrones” and also appeared in the Doctor Who spinoff "The Sarah Jane Adventures." Currently, Jones is the mystic fist-wielding billionaire Daniel Rand in the newest Marvel Netflix shows “Iron Fist." This character will also be a member of “The Defenders” alongside fellow Marvel Netflix heroes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage; airing August 18 on Netflix.

AXS wanted to have a quick chat with Jones before his DCC appearance. Check it out below and be sure to snag your tickets to Denver Comic Con right here so you can meet Jones in person and maybe even give him a fist bump. 
AXS: Fans are looking forward to the August premiere of "The Defenders." How has your life changed since joining the Marvel universe with your role as the Iron Fist? 
Finn Jones: Well I no longer live in my hometown of London. Since landing the job I now live in New York which is a pretty big life change. I’m certainly a lot more active and busier than I was before, but I still pretty much operate the same. I take the subway still, I continue to go to concerts and hang out, enjoying my life as I did before. 
AXS: Do you and your character Danny Rand share any similarities?
FJ: Yep, there are a few similarities I bring to Danny. I bring my vulnerabilities and trauma to the character; I also bring a lot of strength and optimism to from my own personality. 

AXS: Let's chat "Game of Thrones." You played Loras Tyrell and fans loved your character. What do you miss most about your experience on the show?
FJ: I miss the people. I worked on that show for six years and grew up amongst an incredible group of people my age. They have become lifelong friends and it’s hard now being away from them. That’s just the life of an actor though. 
AXS: How did you catch the acting bug?
FJ: It was in my DNA long before I was born, it’s something I’ve never actively chosen to do. It chose me. 
AXS: Do you have any social causes close to your heart?
FJ: The erosion of civil liberties and social progression across the world, also the threat of a shifting environment. We have some serious demons to confront in the coming years and if we don’t tackle them head on with empathy and the correct attitude of understanding we will continue to deteriorate as a planet and as a species. 

Check out Finn Jones at this year's Denver Comic Con, happening at the Colorado Convention Center, June 30-July 2, 2017. Get your tickets now at AXS.