Interview: EDM artist, David Seyer, releases lyric video for 'In Your Eyes'

Mexico-based producer and EDM artist David Seyer recently released the lyric video for his single, "In Your Eyes," which is a musical callback to the synths and sounds of the 80s. "In Your Eyes" features artists Sarah Charness and Maly. Seyer debuted his music in January 2014. After performing with several bands throughout several years, he decided to pursue his own solo act. David chatted with us about his collaborations with the artists for his new single, and why he decided to introduce a classic 80s sound with the single. Get to know a new artist, and learn more about his musicality and style.

AXS: Why did you decide to provide an 80's take on an EDM/dance song?

David Seyer: Well, I’ve always been a big fan of the 70’s and 80’s synths. I believe that having the opportunity to work with Sarah Charness was a great option to create a mix of strings and synths that would give that 80’s vibe. I have to admit I was recently obsessed with the sounds on ‘Stranger Things’. So I knew this was the moment to create a track like "In Your Eyes".

AXS: How does your collaboration process take place with the artists you work with?

DS: It was pretty amazing how everything happened. I worked with Sarah in a long distance way. I remember I saw her on Instagram and I thought “I wanna work with her”. So I sent her a private message and I was so excited to know she was interested in working with me. She is amazing and has SO MUCH talent. On the other hand, Maly is an amazing girl with huge talent that I met a year ago. I fell in love with her vocals and I knew she was the one for the track. I worked with her in the way I traditionally work. She came to my studio, I showed her the track, we did a demo and in a couple of weeks, we had everything ready. I actually have another future single with her.

AXS: Growing up, how did music shape your upbringing?

DS: My grandfather was an artist, a very well known in Latin America. I learned so much from him. And I can still remember he gave me a small keyboard on a Christmas holiday that we spent in Houston. I was 7 years old and since then I've been writing music. I was never a music student per se, I was eager to learn by myself. That's how piano, guitar, drums, bass and eventually production happened.

AXS: What's your overall goal with music?

DS: To transmit a message. But mostly, to share with as many people as possible what I love to do. Music creates emotions, it would be great to have this effect on people who listen to my music.

AXS: Who was your first concert, and your favorite?

DS: My first ever concert was in Canada, I think it was Montreal. I saw the Spice Girls, and I have to say it was a great concert. But, my favorite concert was Paul McCartney. I had the chance to see him perform in Las Vegas. It was amazing.

AXS: What was your first album on cassette, CD, and/or vinyl?

DS: Let it Be by The Beatles.

AXS: Which five artists and/or albums would you not want to live without?

DS: The Beatles, Michael Jackson, David Guetta, Sia, Paul McCartney and John Lennon (as solo artists).

AXS: What's in your current playlist?

DS: It is a very, very unique mix. The Beatles, The Carpenters, Michael Bublé, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, John Williams… and some Christmas tunes. Especially the Christmas album by The Carpenters.