Interview: Gemini Syndrome singer Aaron Nordstrom talks tour and remembers Vinnie Paul
Courtesy of Another Century Records

Alternative hard rock band Gemini Syndrome has just completed their most recent tour, a jaunt that showcased their current album, Memento Mori. While the band was out on the road, lead singer Aaron Nordstrom was nice enough to answer some questions for us by email. He recalled a favorite moment from the tour, a memory of the late Vinnie Paul, and yes fans, he gave us an update on the forthcoming Gemini Syndrome album. Nordstrom’s commentary below is given exclusively to

AXS: Could you share a favorite moment, on stage or off, from your just-completed Absolution Tour with Code Red Riot?

Aaron Nordstrom: Playing in or near Chicago is always special for me because I grew up there and get the chance to see my family and a lot of close friends. We played in Joliet and had a great time. That was also the day that Shawn Sixx jumped on tour with us for a few days. He hosts the podcast The Liquid Conversations, which I co-host.  I also had my kung fu teacher and dear friend Manuel Rodriguez on tour with us and got to train one on one and spend a lot of quality time. To be honest I could easily keep going. 

AXS: The band was offering a “VIP Acoustic Experience” on the Absolution Tour. Tell us about what goes on at these fan interaction events.

AN: The acoustic set is one of my favorite parts. It’s very interactive and funny. We got jokes, folks. We also perform a few songs reinvented in an acoustic setting with piano and hand percussion. It’s a cool spin on what we normally do. We usually have a cover in there as well. We played “My December” by Linkin Park in memory of Chester Bennington. These last two tours we’ve converted a segment of “Hollow” by Pantera in memory of Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell. Those have seemed to resonate very well. 

AXS: Would you like to share a favorite memory of Vinnie?

AN: I have a lot from over the years. I first met Vinnie when I was touring with Hellyeah, playing guitar for Otep. Then we recorded Memento Mori next door to them with Kevin and Kane Churko. One memory stands out. Vinnie came to see us at Trees in Dallas a couple of years ago on my birthday. He took me next door and treated me like you would expect him to on your birthday and we had an awesome night. He was always kind, fun, supportive and ready to party. It was a very sad loss. 

AXS: “Sorry Not Sorry,” from the current Gemini Syndrome album Memento Mori, has an accompanying video with striking visuals, like a woman attempting to perform cosmetic surgery on herself and a guy that vomits gold. Can you connect the visuals to the song’s theme for us?

AN: “Sorry Not Sorry” is a reminder to not get distracted by the physicality of this universe, this experience. It’s easy to get entranced or addicted to menial things like money or whatever. You can’t take it with you. I think this place is an opportunity to experience each other and also find our “true self” or something. Having money is great (I imagine) but I think there’s more to it than just stuff. 

AXS: The word is that there’ll be a new Gemini Syndrome album soon. Where are you at in the creative process?

AN: We’re getting close. When we get home at the end of August it will be full time on finishing writing and polishing before we get in the studio. There’s no release date but at this point, I keep hearing early next year. 

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