Teenage rock band WJM were recently featured on the NBC talent show "Little Big Shots."

Teenage rock band WJM were recently featured on the NBC talent show "Little Big Shots."

Courtesy of East2West Collective

Music fans may have seen WJM when they were recently featured on NBC's talent show "Little Big Shots." You can watch the performance of this Bay Area-based rock trio - who got their moniker from the first letters of their first names William, Jeremy and Max - here. They are not stopping with their television appearance; they've released two EPs and a single since last year, and all of the proceeds from their music go to charity. AXS recently conducted an e-mail interview with the members of WJM so that new listeners can get to know this rock band with a purpose.

AXS: How do the three of you work together to create your music?

WJM: Our process is a collaborative one. We all contribute by bringing in ideas, beginnings, influences, then we mash it up and see where the music goes. There really aren’t any scripts to our creative process; it is more a matter of feeling and sound. On stage we sit behind our instruments, but in the studio we sit behind each other - listening, riffing and discussing different points of view.

AXS: Your most recent EP is called Where We've Never Gone Before. For audiences who may have seen you on TV, are there particular tracks on the record that you'd want them to listen to?

WJM: They are all songs we love for different reasons and while there isn’t one favorite song, “Worth It All", “Waves” and “Walls” really connect with us. We live in a time where there is so much focus on what makes us different. These songs celebrate the incredible common ground we all share, and we can’t wait to take them on the road. Another of our favorite tracks is “We Are One,” which is not on the EP but was released as a separate single.

AXS: The biggest aspect that sets your apart is your focus on charitable causes. In that same vein, is there anything in particular you're hoping your audience takes away beyond just enjoying your music?

WJM: First and foremost it starts with the song, but we are also sending a message of change. We believe we have been given an unbelievable opportunity to do what we love and want to use that platform to invite others to join in. Just like our creative process, [the music] is not about one person but rather a collective voice to share with others.

AXS: What's the last great concert that each of you went to?

Jeremy: The last great concert I went to was Pearl Jam in Hyde Park, London. We happened to be in London and realized the band was in town [so] my dad and I were able to score last minute tickets. The show was nothing short of incredible!

William:  Chris Martin from Coldplay had a concert for [charitable organization] Notes and Words last year. The venue was completely sold out and as a one man band (with no flashy lights or smoke), Chris Martin was able to touch every person’s soul in the room. It was magical!  

Max: The last great concert I went to was Kamasi Washington in San Francisco. What a phenomenal artist! I’ve been playing a lot of jazz lately, and this was an amazing experience to share with my dad and brother.

WJM's latest EP, Where We've Never Gone Before, is now available on iTunes. The band does not currently have any live shows scheduled, but fans can keep an eye on their website for future tour dates.

For more on WJM, visit the band's official website.