Interview: GG Magree talks Breakaway Music Festival and playing Red Rocks twice in one year
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Do you feel sexy?! That's the question DJ and vocalist GG Magree has for her fans at every show. She's made her way up the ranks of bass and future bass for the past few years now, making a name for herself as one of the top festival DJs around. 

Hailing from Australia, she finds inspiration in Flume and has now taken her place alongside him and others (like Skrillex) to drop that bass in the sexiest of fashions for adoring fans.

With shows coming up at the Breakaway Music Festival in Columbus, Ohio (catch her set Aug. 24) alongside other superstar acts like ODESZA, Kaskade and Flosstradamus, this is her year. How else can it be described when she also returns to Red Rocks for her second show?! Yes, her second show. Few artists make it once, let alone twice, to the famed venue. 

I guess you could say...things are getting serious for this DJ and vocalist. But she's ready, as AXS found out after sitting down with her to talk about all things sexy in music and her new fashion line.

AXS: Growing up in Sydney, Australia, who were some artists that helped shape the sound you have evolved over the years? Where do you see your starting point with them and then your own point of evolving and coming into your own?

GG Magree: Flume definitely shaped the entire music scene not only in Australia but in the world, especially for bass/ future bass and pop. He was definitely an inspiration and also he opened a lot of doors for Australian artists. He really put Australia on the map in the electronic world.

I feel like once the bass door was opened into the pop world, I really started to cross the two over in my own music.

Skrillex is also a massive key play for this! And hey, if the two biggest [artists] in the world are doing it, then I must be on the right page.

AXS: With a massive performance at the Breakaway Music Festival in Columbus, what should your fans expect? What will you be bringing to the table?

GG: To feel extremely sexy!

AXS: HARD Red Rocks is also on your list of stops this week. Being one of the most famous venues in all of music, how do you prepare for a show like this?

GG: I think playing a venue like Red Rocks really makes any artist super grateful for their career. After I played it last year I was like, "Yep, I love my life!" 

I've put a lot of work into this Red Rocks set! I've casually been playing sections of my sets in the past month just to see what people really vibe with. I've also created merchandise especially for this show. So, get ready! 

AXS: That's right! This is your second time playing at Red Rocks. Any artist would be ecstatic to just play it once, let alone twice. What does this mean to you?

GG: I'm so so so blessed! I can't believe it! Denver, I love you!

AXS: In addition to your music, you also work on a clothing line, which is dropping this Thursday with a shirt you've rocked at many shows saying, "Do You Feel Sexy?" What's the origin of this saying and how did your own clothing line come to fruition? Tell us a bit more about its style, character and persona?

GG: I've always been obsessed with the word "sexy"! Haha! I've always wanted to make people feel sexy during my perfomances, so I ask, “Do you feel sexy?” And when they scream back at me “YES,” [then] my job is being done. Haha! 

It also is 100 percent my persona. I'm fun and "sexy" is a fun word.

AXS: Besides a packed schedule with Breakaway and Red Rocks, what can we expect next? Will you be lending your vocal talents to any tracks or will you be back in the studio getting ready to produce again?

GG: There is new music out very very soon. I also have a couple of new collaborations, but all I can say for the moment is the new stuff isn't going to be what people would be ready.


You can catch GG Magree next on Aug. 24 at the Breakaway Music Festival in Columbus, Ohio. Grab your tickets here and go give her a watch as she instills that sexy into the festival circuit.