Gwen Sebastian recently released her new single "Cadillac" and will follow that with a full album later this year.

Gwen Sebastian recently released her new single "Cadillac" and will follow that with a full album later this year.

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Everything's looking up for Gwen Sebastian. Last week she released her new single "Cadillac" and the former "The Voice" season 2 contestant is looking forward to revealing her full album Once Upon A Time in the West later this year. AXS conducted a phone interview with her earlier this week to find out what country audiences can expect from the new record, and how touring as part of the ensemble for Miranda Lambert has influenced her as a solo artist.

AXS: You've continued to tour extensively with Miranda Lambert. How has the touring been going, and has that influenced the new record at all?

Gwen Sebastian (GS): Touring has been awesome. I left on Aug. 2 and I don't go back to Nashville till Sept. 4. I'm pretty much gone for this entire month of August, which is amazing. But as far as inspiration for songwriting and everything, definitely, I got inspiration from being on the road with "Cadillac." My co-writers and I, which are Miranda Lambert and April Lewis, we were inspired by being gone. We started writing a song on a hotel room patio, not necessarily planning to come up with anything, but we did and we finished the song later that night as we were putting our makeup on. We all had separate bathrooms, we all came up with separate ideas, and finished it that way. Definitely being on the road inspires us. The song itself has the whole mentality of being a gypsy and needing to travel and move on and [how] it's hard for us to stay in one spot. Once you have that gypsy soul you have to go do that. Music's part of my life, and then touring is all part of that so thank goodness I love them both.

AXS: How did you find time to record your whole album with so many tour dates?

GS: We wrote it early last year. Then late in October, I went in and recorded. So it's been almost a year that I've been waiting to get this music out, because of the fact that it's hard to find time to go in and record and even hard to find time to write when you're traveling and out on the road. But I'm glad I did it. My plan is to release it come October or November.

AXS: What can we say about the other songs on Once Upon A Time in the West?

GS: It's going to have at least 12 tracks on it, all of which I've written or co-written. It's as if Quentin Tarantino, Emmylou Harris and Bonnie Raitt came together and made an album. That's the sound I wanted it to be. It's not necessarily a concept album per se, but it has that sound that it wants to be a soundtrack for a movie or something. It incorporates all those vibes and then a lot of the inspiration that I've had growing up.

AXS: Will you be able to carve out time after the album release to do your own headlining tour?

GS: I definitely want to do a tour in support of this album. Making time is going to be the hard part because of the fact that I'm singing backup with Miranda, which I love doing. But finding time to do that is going to be a priority. I'll definitely do that. I'll be playing at the Grand Ole Opry coming up in September, so I'll have that and I'll be doing my annual Christmas show which is the day after Thanksgiving. I always do that back home in North Dakota. So I have some things coming up.

Gwen Sebastian will be performing at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN on Sept. 15; tickets are available now here. "Cadillac" is now available on iTunes.

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