Interview: Hot Since 82 talks all things LA before his 'All Night Long' set at Shrine Expo Hall

British DJ and producer Daley Padley, better known as Hot Since 82 isn't new to LA, but his upcoming show at Shrine Expo Hall is. On Sept. 22, Padley will play an "All Night Long" set. The goal for this, as Padley talked about in the exclusive interview with AXS below, will allow fans to hear new songs, old songs and tracks that he has been a fan of over the years.

Take a look at the interview below, where Padley discusses some of his craziest times in LA, what clubs in the City of Angels stand out to him and what fans can expect at the show. You can grab tickets to the Sept. 22 show right here on AXS. 

AXS: You have played  in Los Angeles many times, but what makes this upcoming show at the Shrine unique?

Hot Since 82: I’ve been coming to LA for six to seven years now, it’s been a real journey playing all sorts of different shows. I always like to keep it evolving and different from the last time I played, mix up venues, parties and concepts. This is unique because it’s the biggest show I’ve done to date in LA and I’ll be playing all night, so it will give me a chance to delve deeper in to my record box and really connect with the dance floor, going on a journey together.

AXS: Talk more about what the “All Night Long” set will entail, and what will be different than sets you have played in LA in the past?

HS82: As I just touched upon, playing all night really gives me the opportunity to take the crowd on a journey. It allows me time to build up the vibe and atmosphere with melodic groove, peak time bangers and then take it down to somewhere more spacious. There’s no written formula, I always just play the room but having this expansion of time is very special and not something I have the pleasure of doing very often.

AXS: What have you been doing to prepare for your only LA show of 2018?

HS82: Well, I’ve been working on a new album project from some time now. I dropped the first track "Buggin’" earlier this summer and I was humbled by the reaction. I will most definitely be road testing loads of new material, I’m so excited to share this music with people and see the reaction it gets. Again this is something that an all night long set allows me to do with is very exciting for me personally.

AXS: Tell me about your craziest time playing a show or party in LA? What happened?

HS82: Well there’s been a few haha! I’d have to say kidnapping fans with my party concept "TAKEN" has to be one of the craziest. We abducted fans, blindfolded them and took them in a blacked out bus to a secret location for a proper full on party. The best thing about these "TAKEN" events was that I didn’t know where we were going either, I was blindfolded and on the buses too. The only difference was I had my records with me, amazing experience! Also I should mention Solomun, I played Solomun +1 at The Palladium last year, great show, we through an after party up in the hills where him and I played b2b for about eight hours in someone’s living room, playing all sorts or music, great fun!

AXS: What makes the LA electronic music scene different than other cities? What makes it stand out?

HS82: There’s just a totally unique vibe in LA, I truly love playing here, I always have such a blast with the locals making new friends hanging out. I have to say I always feel incredibly welcome too. I think there’s an extra attention to detail at the events also and that goes across the board fro different genres of music which i great.

AXS: Who have been artists, producers, etc. who have come from LA and have inspired your work?

HS82: Growing up listening to hip-hop it’s impossible not to have been influenced by Death Row. Dre, 2pac, Snoop, G-Funk etc. I love all that stuff and always will.

AXS: What’s your favorite dance clubs in Los Angeles? Can you tell me some stories about being there?

HS82: I’ve always enjoyed by Sound and The Exchange, Factory93 was great too. I really love to find new spaces to play as well and put together unique experiences so to not repeat my self too much and keep it fresh for the ravers, as I touched upon earlier we did this with TAKEN, that spot was wild! I’ve never played The Shrine before and it’s an icon spot so I’m buzzing to getting in there and get the place moving. Who knows what’s next? I love playing outside in the sunshine so maybe a daytime thing!

AXS: Anything else LA concertgoers should know about this special show?

HS82: It’s my only LA show of the year, I’m playing all night and genuinely can't wait. I’ve taken a few days off to chill and hang out in LA. I have a lot of old friends coming and it's going to be a blast. I look forward to cutting loose and seeing you on the dance floor!

Grab tickets to Hot Since 82's upcoming show at the Shrine on Sept. 22 right here on AXS.