Interview: 'Into the Pit' with Anthrax's Joey Belladonna & Jon Donais
Camera: Bobby Del Bosque
Fresh off becoming the first Big 4 band of thrash metal to take part in the seventh annual 70000 Tons of Metal cruise in February, plus a subsequent tour of Europe, it's already been a whirlwind 2017 for Anthrax. Still touring in support of the 2016 release of For All Kings, Anthrax has since crafted its own beer called Wardance and continued the road juggernaut as part of the Killthrax tour, traveling across the States in a co-headlining jaunt with Killswitch Engage in which both bands alternate who closes each night.
Prior to Saturday's showing at the Texas Independence Fest in Austin at Grizzly Hall, vocalist Joey Belladonna and guitarist Jon Donais went "Into the Pit" with AXS to discuss a variety of topics. The duo looked back on the cruise, talked about the recent release of the For All Kings box set that included a cover of Kansas' cult classic "Carry On Wayward Son," reflected on this being the 30th year of Among the Living and answered questions from social media readers.
Click the video box above for the complete conversation. Stay tuned for coverage of the one-day festival, which will include footage of Belladonna joining Killswitch Engage for their cover of Dio's "Holy Diver."