Interview: Jimmy Nash discusses music video for new single 'One Night In Brooklyn'

Jimmy Nash is a musician doing good for his community by using his music to promote awareness for causes that are dear to him. His newest single "One Night In Brooklyn" is special to Nash because it was written about his first meeting with his future wife. With such a sentimental song, Nash's love for his wife was inevitable at their first meeting. Nash sings about his impression of her and her of his with the sing-along single. 

Explaining why he wrote this single, and how it's special to him, Nash relates to AXS that "I wrote 'One Night In Brooklyn' to be just like the story of how I met my wife, except that all names, locations, and other details have been changed. Seriously though, it’s basically our same story, but re-imagined as if it happened all in Brooklyn, instead of across Texas, LA, Florida, and eventually New York where we moved in 2014 (One Night in Spring, TX just didn’t have the same ring to it)."

He explains further that he "inserted some exact details, like in the first verse, with us remembering differently what she wore the first time we met (we’ve agreed to disagree). We absolutely agree on what I was wearing though because it was really hideous, and we quickly got rid of that outfit. What I wanted to express in the song was the exciting and often tumultuous journey to making a lasting, loving relationship, and how wherever that journey happens will always hold a piece of the memory. After living in New York for a couple years; Brooklyn just felt like a great setting to tell that story, and I know that there are millions of memories forever entwined in the story and the heart of the city (or the borough as the case may be)."

Nash's excitement for the production was due to his involvement working with  Todd Hannigan, a producer he's worked with before and says that Hannigan "graciously accepted to work on this single. I told him we didn’t want much more than vocal and guitar, but whatever little instrumentation was added had to sound full and perfect."

Furthermore, this single is exceptionally special as Nash will be donating all proceeds of December single sales to the Thomas Fire Fund to help the brave firefighters who are fighting the fifth-largest fire in California history. Additionally, Nash will be donating all proceeds of December albums sales of his debut album The Road to 33 to the Thomas Fire Fund, with more new music to come in 2018.

When asked why he wants to donate all of the proceeds from his music to this cause, Nash passionately explains that "Ojai is a very magical place; it’s also an important place for me. It is where I recorded my first album at Brotheryn Studios, as well as my latest release, but it’s more than that. It represented a turning point in how I saw music and life, and it’s why I named my album The Road To 33.  The excitement and love that grew with every drive up the 101 and turning onto Highway 33 is a part of who I am now. To see the flames continue to spread, causing so much destruction, and displacing so many throughout Southern California is heartbreaking, to say the least. The need is always great, but I was always taught to lift where I stand, and I felt like this was the best way I could help the place and the people that have made such an impact on my life."