Interview: Joy Again talks releasing singles, national tour and performing artists
Directed & Produced by AXIÖM Lë FØU & Sydney Shore

Having released a couple of singles and their debut EP, five-piece alt-rock band Joy Again, are reveling in their experiences together of creating and making music. Along with their new single(s), the band has recently announced a national tour with Furnsss in a press release. One of their stops was at The Mammal Gallery in Atlanta, Ga. on Nov. 15 and will return to Atlanta to perform at The Earl on Jan. 29. Before they geared up for a busy schedule of traveling and bringing their music to a number of cities and states, we chatted with the group about their singles, if a new album's in the future, working with their producer, and their love of music that comes from Atlanta.

AXS: You guys have been releasing a series of singles the last few months; is this a precursor for an upcoming album perhaps? 

Joy Again: Right now we're pretty unsure exactly what these singles are leading up to ... an album is definitely going to happen, but I think right now we're just kind of getting the logistics of it together and stuff like that. It's cool to see the different approaches artists are taking to releasing their music in this current time period. Some people just have these genius ideas as to how they want their music to be released, whether it's a visual album, a collection of singles, cool physical media, a surprise release, etc. That's super inspiring and I think it's changing the way the world perceives the idea of a "record" and it's definitely changing the way people are releasing music. So we'll see what these songs turn into.

AXS: You all work with Caleb Laven for your production/engineering did you all meet, and what about this collaboration makes the music work? 

JA: We met Caleb through email thanks to our friend AXIÖM back in 2015 and we've just became really close since then. He's one of the most genuine and kind people in the universe, and really cares about our best interest in the music we're making, and I think that's really special. When we work together, he definitely pushes us to our best potential and he's definitely helped us realize the direction we want to go in as a band. He's one of the biggest parts of what makes Joy Again works and we're all super happy that he wants to be a part of this. 

AXS: You all are getting ready to go on a national tour with Furnsss...was this a personal choice, do you guys know each other? How did it come about?

JA: This was definitely a personal choice, Furnsss is legit as hell. Some of our closest friends for the longest time. We met through the internet I think, because they've been friends with our friend Sean Henry who used to play drums with us. We've played together a ton in the past 2 years and it's gonna be really exciting to tour with them. 

AXS: You guys recently stopped in Atlanta, GA (on Nov. 15)...had you guys played in Atlanta before? What are you guys most looking forward to while on tour? 

JA: We've never played in Atlanta before, but we have gotten a flat tire in Atlanta and spent like an hour in a gas station parking lot there. Some of my favorite music has came out of Atlanta, like Outkast, Young Thug, Goodie Mob, Gucci Mane, Deerhunter/Atlas Sound, Migos, etc. It's gonna be really fun to play in cities we've never played before, and I think we're all pretty excited to fit some new songs into the set. If we have time off in D.C. would be really fun to go to museums or go to NPR or something. Definitely wanna have some time to explore cities and not just sit around at the venue and wait to play.

AXS: You guys have performed with fan favorites Car Seat Headrest, Daywave and others. What did you learn from these artists while performing with them? 

JA: Playing with artists of that caliber is different than playing for the core audience you're used to playing locally or headlining a show, because you have to keep the audience that came for the headliner just as excited for your set as they would be for the band after you. I think it's really fun when we push ourselves to have the best performance possible in a situation like that because if you can make an audience that's not yours give a f*** about what you're doing it feels really special.