Interview: Kasey Tyndall discusses her debut album, 'Between Salvation And Survival'
Photo courtesy and used with permission

Having already captured the attention of country/rock fans with her high-energy live performances, road warrior and singer/songwriter Kasey Tyndall has finally unleashed her debut album - the ferocious Between Salvation and Survival’.

Produced by Tommy Cecil (Luke Bryan, Jake Owen, Parmalee), Tyndall’s creative passion and country-rock rawness perfectly shines on the new album. From singles like “Everything is Texas" and “Bar That’s Open” to feel-good songs like “Friday Night" and the confident female jam, “Everyday Girl”, Between Salvation and Survival is a ten-song, introspection of well-crafted material that combines the beautiful, North Carolina native’s relatable lyrics and gritty vocals with hook-laden melodies and warm, Southern charm.  

Tyndall has done more than one hundred shows in 2017 and shows no sign of slowing down. Her resume already includes touring with the likes of Kane Brown and Granger Smith as well as providing direct support for Parmalee on their Hotdamalama Tour.

AXS recently spoke with Kasey Tyndall about Between Salvation and Survival and more in this exclusive new interview.

AXS: How would you describe your debut album in terms of its sound?

Kasey Tyndall: It’s three-parts country, two-parts rock, a splash of redneck and a twist of rowdy, all shaken and poured over ice in a great big solo cup [laughs]. I was exposed to a lot of diverse music when I was growing up. Everything from Hank Williams Jr. and Willie Nelson to Joan Jett and AC/DC. My music lands somewhere in there.

AXS: What was the songwriting process like for Between Salvation and Survival’?

KT: The process is rarely the same twice. Sometimes it starts with a lyric idea or even a title. Other times, I'll just sit down with other writers and we’ll talk about what's going on in life and write a song about it. This album is very autobiographical. From the rockers like “Boots Stompin” and “Bar That's Open” to the more sensitive songs like “Bottle & The Bible” and “Everything is Texas”. They all have elements of my personal life.  

AXS: You mentioned some of the songs and I’d like to ask you about a few and get your thoughts on them. Maybe what inspired them or something else about them, starting with “Bar That’s Open.”

KT: I wrote this song with Ashley McBryde and Lainey Wilson. I remember when we first got into the writer’s room, Ashley sits a bottle of Jack Daniels down on the table and says, "All right girls, we're gonna write a good song today." I suppose I shouldn't be surprised it's a song about drinking [laughs].

AXS: “Boots Stompin'.”

KT: My live show is such an important part of who I am. I love touring, performing, and meeting fans from all across the country. This song was written with the purpose of having a show opener. We wanted something super upbeat that really defined who I am and who my band is when we're out touring. 

AXS: “After Midnight.”

KT: I love this song and wrote it with my good friends Katie Garfield and Micah Wilshire. The hook to that song is truly something my mama used to say to me all the time, which was "Nothing good happens after midnight.”  She was right because when I think back, 99% of the trouble I've been in throughout my life has happened after midnight.

AXS: “Everyday Girl.”

KT: I wrote "Everyday Girl" with Taylor Phillips, Matt Roy and Ricky Young. Taylor is a co-writer on Luke Combs' hit single, "Hurricane.” I remember when we sat down to write that one it was with the purpose of writing something lyrically that made a statement. The song is really a tribute to any girl that's not afraid to go against the grain. Someone who isn't afraid to be just a little bit different. It's a song for any girl who ain't your everyday girl.

AXS: What was it like working with Tommy Cecil [producer] on this album?

KT: It was amazing. Tommy tells it exactly as he hears it and holds nothing back. Like any good producer, he pushes you to be the best version of you that you can be. He’s like a big brother to me now.

AXS: What are your tour plans like to support the album?

KT: We did 107 tour dates this year and we'll likely do at least that or more in 2018.  I've already got some dates in the works that we’ll be announcing soon.

AXS: What excites you the most about the Between Salvation and Survival and this next phase of your career?

KT: The new album is something I'm incredibly proud of. We worked hard and have put together a collection of songs that I believe are real and honest. But I see this as just one part of a long journey. Each phase of my career will bring along different victories and challenges, but I'm learning to love it all. I’m really thankful to get to play music for people and love the process of growing musically, spiritually and emotionally.