Interview: Katie Garfield discusses inspired new EP, 'Crash & Burn'
Photo courtesy: and used with permission

Having already received acclaim for penning hook-laden, orchestrally ethereal songs, including her recent track, “Gallows”, which was featured on the CW show, “Teen Wolf”, multi-talented singer-songwriter and actress Katie Garfield has spent the better part of the last few years honing her musical craft. The result is the beautiful songstress' infectious new EP, Crash & Burn.

With the help of writing partner and producer, Micah Wilshire, Garfield delivers a compilation that takes the listener on a visceral journey of sight and sound. One where tracks like “Running Out of Lies” continue to showcase Garfield’s  mature vocal prowess and songs like the title track and “Hungry For You” conjure up subliminal images of pop culture underbelly.

AXS recently spoke with Katie Garfield about Crash & Burn [which will be released on Aug 18 and more in this exclusive new interview.

AXS: How would you describe Crash & Burn in terms of its sound and maybe how it relates to some of your previous work?

Katie Garfield: This is a sound that I’ve been honing for a few years as a writer and artist. I’ve been pulling in some imaginative ideas into my lyric writing and it’s a step up from some of the earlier material I’ve released. It’s more of a honed sound but still has that same dark-pop, orchestral and visceral element I love as an artist.

AXS: Has your songwriting process changed much over the years?

KG: Since I signed my first publishing deal the process has become slightly different. I write more on a schedule now and in many different genres. But songwriting is just like exercising a muscle. The more you do it the better you get and the easier the ideas are to tap into.

AXS: Let’s discuss the tracks from Crash & Burn starting with the title-track. What can you tell me about it?

KG: That was actually the first song on the EP to be written. My writing partner, Micah Wilshire and I wrote it during an afternoon last year. I came in with the lyric and title idea and he made this really cool track and had some great ideas for harmonies. I remember we wrote it pretty quickly. That one was a lot of fun.

AXS: “Hungry For You”

KG: I wrote that song with Micah and our writing partner, Chris Hayman. We wanted something that was more rock based with a really cool drum beat. The lyrics of that song, as well as the ones for “Crash & Burn”, are sort of sexy and taboo. We wanted to tap into the whole vampire theme and the underbelly of that sub-culture. Micah and Chris worked on this fabulous track. As a writer, it’s easy when you work with such great musicians who can create a great canvas for you to put your lyrics to.

AXS: “Not Mine”

KG: I remember the melody and first few lines of that song came to me when I was taking a bath [laughs]. Then later, we went in for a session and wrote it, did the vocal right then and there and never touched it again. It’s the same production, vocal and mix from when we wrote it early last year. It was recently used on CW show, “The Originals” and we’re really excited about it.

AXS: “Running Out of Lies”

KG: I wrote the that one with Micah and Cliff Downs. I had been watching the most recent season of “True Detective” and was inspired by the vibe of the music they were playing. It was beautiful and light but was very dark, lyrically. I thought it would be great to use that paradox. It’s a beautiful song.

AXS: Was there a moment in your life that your realized music would be your calling?

KG: Originally, I thought it was more of a gradual process, because I’ve had conversations with my parent’s recently where they brought up old memories of me asking for voice lessons when I was around four years old. Eventually, I started acting and doing musical theater and then I got more into television as I got older. But it wasn’t until I was in high school that I started writing songs. I remember I was having a rough year and used writing as a way to express what I was feeling. That one year changed everything and I’ve been writing ever since.

AXS: What are you most looking forward to about this next phase of your career?

KG: I’m looking forward to everything. This has been the best year of my life and the possibilities seem endless. I recently had another song of mine, “Gallows”, on the show “Teen Wolf” and received an awesome response from their loyal fan base. As an artist and writer, that’s the dream. When people from all over the country and world reach out and tell you that they dig your music. I’ve been honing my sound and figuring out what I want to say by being original while still paying homage to the music I love and grew up listening to. I feel comfortable in my artist’s skin now and have never been more inspired. I’m excited to see what’s next!