Interview: KITTEN singer Chloe Chaidez talks about new EP 'Pink Champagne'
Courtesy of RED Music

Kitten on the road! Don’t worry; we’re not talking about a fuzzy little feline dodging traffic. We’re talking about the Brooklyn-based pop/rock band KITTEN who are currently serving as the support act on the Blue October tour. Led by feisty lead singer Chloe Chaidez, the band are also celebrating the recent release of their latest EP, Pink Champagne.

Chaidez, from somewhere out on the road, was kind enough to answer a few questions by email for us and she told us a little about the making of Pink Champagne, including self-producing for the first time. We also asked Chloe about, shall we say, getting wrapped up in her work. Her commentary below is given exclusively to

AXS: KITTEN had a show in Kansas the day Pink Champagne dropped. How did that show go and how did you celebrate the EP’s release beyond your performance?

Chloe Chaidez: June 1 was the Pink Champagne release day and also the day that we played our first show with Blue October. This on its own felt like a grand celebration! After the show, we shockingly popped a bottle of pink champagne.

AXS: The band self-produced for the first time for Pink Champagne. Was that process about what you had anticipated, and what would you say is the main thing you learned from the experience?

CC: Self-producing this album with the band was definitely a very rewarding experience. We were extremely hard on ourselves, and that toughness made the EP something I can honestly say I am very proud of. That said, sometimes without a producer we can overthink things creatively; lyrics, guitar parts and melodies, etc. I’ve been trying to learn how to completely flow with my ideas in a streamlined and obedient way. 

AXS: It looks like you had a lot of fun making the video for “Pink Champagne” in which you make multiple wardrobe changes. Clearly, there’s some symbolism involved where you’re wrapped in plastic wrap; wondering though how that felt and if you had to do it multiple times to get the shots you wanted?

CC: Ha ha! We did have a ton of fun making the “Pink Champagne” video, and there is definitely some symbolism in the video. The plastic wrap was actually only a couple of shots, and what looks like some sort of plastic space-age glass is really just tarp with some penises on it! The lyrics to the song examine vanity and the ugly side of glamour, and I really think the video mirrors those sentiments perfectly.

AXS: KITTEN supplements original material with covers in your live sets. What cover songs do you most enjoy performing?

CC: We’ve been doing “Dreams” by The Cranberries lately, and it might be my favorite cover we’ve ever done.

AXS: Your current tour with Blue October has a couple of breaks in the schedule where you have two or three travel days to get to the next show. Do you have any sightseeing in mind for these respites?

CC: On the way to San Luis Obispo in California there’s a hotel called the Madonna Inn and I’m making everyone stop for this!

More Kitten information including a list of tour dates is here.