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The energy at downtown Las Vegas’ premier festival, Life is Beautiful, is charismatic each year, and in 2016 it could be felt all over the city. That excitement isn’t reserved for the festivalgoers, however, because even before the third day started, it was already energized backstage with LANY.

LANY’s name represents LA to New York (although it’s pronounced Lay-nee), but the band currently resides on the West Coast segment.  LANY dropped their latest project, Kinda in June of this year and they’ve been promoting the album at major festivals stateside as well as overseas ever since. Life is Beautiful was the beginning of their national headlining tour, which boasts dates at large and small venues all over the country throughout the fall.

AXS caught up with Paul Klein, Jake Goss and Les Priest of LANY to talk about what to expect from the Kinda Tour, what their travel accommodations look like and how they remain connected with their fans.

AXS: You guys are really prolific with your interviews, so I had a lot of reading material to work with.

Paul Klein: We’ve done a lot? In comparison to normal bands? Ok, that’s good to know, I can tell these people to chill out. [laughs]

Life Is Beautiful marked the first date of the Kinda Tour, what do you intend on doing differently on this go round?

Paul Kline: We’re gonna bring lighting and production, which is a luxury… an expensive luxury. One we couldn’t really afford to bring over to Europe, unfortunately. It’s just hard enough to ship three bodies over there, [much less] three LED screens. Obviously, this is where we’re from, so we play more shows here and we’ve build a more of a fan base and a following and we’re able to bring out some lighting.

AXS: I’m curious, how do you guys travel?

PK: Great question! We travel by van most of the time but we’re on a tour bus for the first time ever. We were on a bus in Europe as well, but for the Kinda Tour, this is the first time on a bus.

AXS: You excited about that?

PK: It’s so amazing, honestly, the last tour, I wanted to quit the band, and it’s my band. But when we were in Europe on the tour bus I couldn’t wait to get back out [on the road]. It does really change a lot.

AXS: Have you already established where your spaces are in the bus?

Jake Goss: We haven’t seen this bus yet.

PK: Yeah we haven’t seen this one yet. (to band) That’s interesting, should we all go look?

Les Priest: We get on tonight, actually.

PK: We went on tour with a band called Twin Shadow and I slept on the floor which was ok, but I had to roll out every morning on everyone’s foot filth.

JG: That’s a great band name.

PK: And then I went top bunk in Europe which is a little bit of a struggle to get up there and get out, but nobody is crawling on my stuff. Nobody’s feet are on my bed, because I’m at the top. I think that I really appreciate that. So  I’m gonna pick top.

AXS: (To Jake and Les) Are you gonna argue with him?

JG: I think I’m gonna go mid this time.

LP: Yeah, I’m still thinking about it.

AXS: When you take to the road, do you guys have roles outside of your band roles?

PK: That’s part of the story of this band that I want people to know, we do it all. I run our social media accounts. I design the merchandise; we take the photos for our album art. Les fixes everything. We don’t outsource anything. I think that’s really cool and kinda rare. We do everything. It’s a three-person band, but we definitely have a fourth member, that’s our manager, and our best friend, Rupert. It’s very in-house. It’s special and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Apart from playing shows, we actually do everything else.

AXS: Kinda is a summer-y project. You’ve called it that, and I agree. How do you think it’s gonna carry through the fall and winter?

PK: I think it will.

LP: We went to a lot of countries in Europe that are very cold. And they really loved it.

JG: All seasons, let’s go!

PK: It’s just easy to call it that, there’s not a really heavy or dark or depressing vibe about us, I don’t think. Even our sad songs are still pretty positive or hopeful. But even if people do think it’s summery, and they are in the dead of winter, there’s still gonna have all these memories they’ve made during the summer to our songs.

AXS: Do you guys have any progress on the full length?

PK: Yes. We’ve got songs in the bag, songs in the vault. Songs to be written, but 2017 is all about our debut album.

AXS: I know you guys lock yourselves up to record, do you have any plans on how you’re going to finish up the full length?

PK: Part of having the bus is we’re gonna try to see what’s it like, we’re gonna bring a mobile recording rig that we’ll set up at the back of the bus. I don’t know how hard it will be, or what it will look like.

LP: We’ll know in like two days, I think.

AXS: How do you stay in touch with your fans?

PK: You know, I used to go through on LANY’s account and just favorite everything I saw. Can’t really do that anymore because it’s a lot of work. But you know what? I honestly think no matter how big we get, and how many comments you get, I still think a lot of people see those comments. I still look at my phone, I still see what people are saying, and I think people know that I see that.

It’s interesting because a lot of our initial engagement with fans happens digitally. But because we have a special gift of connecting physically as well. I think we made a good impression digitally, and that only goes so far. So we go and play all these shows so our fans have the opportunity to see us play. And when we play man, we’re so thankful to be there and everybody knows that.

And it’s a really positive and good vibe. I think that’s when we get people forever. And I could tell you faces and names of people that I’ve seen at all of our shows. It’s hard for me to verbalize it and I’m still processing and working out how to explain it. But I do think it’s very unique. And people have written about how it’s very unique what we’re doing, and I wanna protect that. I’m still trying to figure out how we can keep that forever, no matter how big we get. It’s easy to engage when you have 5000 followers on Twitter, and hopefully one day we’ll have millions of followers that have bought into what we’re doing. And I want to protect that and be really easy to get a hold of.

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LANY - Kinda Tour Schedule

Fri 7 October – 1884 Lounge, Minglewood Hall – Memphis, Tn    

Sat 8 October – Terminal West – Atlanta, Ga     

Sun 9 October – Cat's Cradle – Carrboro, Nc

Tue 11 October – Saturn Birmingham – Birmingham, Al

Thu 13 October – Backbooth – Orlando, Fl    

Fri 14 October – Culture Room – Fort Lauderdale, Fl    

Sat 15 October – State Theatre – St Petersburg, Fl – Buy Tickets

Thu 20 October – A And R Music Bar – Columbus, Oh   

Fri 21 October – Mr. Small's Theatre – Millvale, Pa     

Sun 23 October – Theater Of The Living Arts – Philadelphia, Pa   

Mon 24 October – 9:30 Club – Washington, Dc    

Tue 25 October – Webster Hall – New York, Ny    

Fri 28 October – Royale – Boston, Ma    

Sat 29 October – Théâtre Fairmount – Montreal, Qc, Canada

Sun 30 October – Virgin Mobile Mod Club – Toronto, On, Canada 

Tue 1 November – St. Andrew's Hall – Detroit, Mi   

Thu 3 November – Metro – Chicago, Il    

Fri 4 November – Majestic Theatre – Madison, Wi  

Sat 5 November – Fine Line Music Cafe – Minneapolis, Mn    

Mon 7 November – George's Majestic Lounge – Fayetteville, Ar    

Wed 9 November – Mercy Lounge – Nashville, Tn – Buy Tickets  

Fri 11 November – Warehouse Live – Houston, Tx – Buy Tickets

Sat 12 November – House Of Blues – Dallas, Tx   

Sun 13 November – Antone's Nightclub – A   Tin, Tx  

Tue 15 November – The Crescent Ballroom – Phoenix, Az      

Wed 16 November – House Of Blues – San Diego, Ca    

Thu 17 November – The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, Ca – Buy Tickets     

Sat 19 November – Fonda Theatre – Hollywood, Ca – Buy Tickets    

Sun 20 November – Fonda Theatre – Hollywood, Ca – Buy Tickets